Lyme Disease Drawing More Public Attention

By Justin ZarrJuly 14, 20161 Comment

As hunters and outdoorsmen most of us are no stranger to ticks.  These tiny arachnids seem to be everywhere during warm season months and I often find them on my boots, clothes or skin after a day in the field hanging treestands or checking trail cameras.  While we all know that ticks are notorious carriers of diseases, including Lyme Disease, it hasn’t been until just recently that the public has begun taking greater note of the impacts this disease is having on those it infects.

A recent TV special report by New York’s FOX 5 news drew huge ratings in spite of it’s late time slot.  A variety of eye-opening facts and dangers about Lyme, including false negative diagnosis and long-term health issues, were covered in this special.  If you’re at all concerned about prevention of Lyme Disease, or the adverse health effects it can have, the following series of videos is certainly worth a watch.  They certainly opened my eyes and made me more aware than ever of how important tick bite prevention is.  With over 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease in the U.S. each year this is certainly worth taking note of.

Huffington Post further expanded on this TV report with additional information and stories of people who have been misdiagnosed and undertreated for Lyme Disease for decades.

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