7 Living Legends That Impacted Our Lives As Hunters

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We’ve been blessed with a lot of hunting authorities who’ve made very positive impacts on hunting. They’ve stood for the sport when others wouldn’t. They’ve advanced our image before the eye of the public. They’ve made strides in conservation and product development.  And while they might not call themselves hunting’s living legends. They certainly are.

Bill Jordan

Living legend, Bill Jordan, brought us killer camo and Monster Bucks.

Bill Jordan

Bill founded Realtree camouflage in 1986. Since then, he’s experienced incredible success in creating the best and most realistic camouflage on the market.

But Bill isn’t just a legendary entrepreneur. He’s also a legendary hunter. The man is a stone-cold killer and knows how to get the job done. And he’ll admittedly say that the camouflage patterns he designs have helped him to be more successful.

Based out of Columbus, Georgia, he continues to lead Team Realtree. And he continues to fill tags.

Will Primos

If you don’t know who Will Primos is, you’re a goofball. Period. End of story. If you don’t recognize the Primos name, you’ve got some catching up to do. He’s a legendary hunter, and he ‘s a legendary call maker.

Will crafted his first call at the age of 11. He founded Primos a few years later in the 1970’s. But he didn’t quit his day job. He kept working in the restaurant business and made hunting products on the side. Eventually the company exploded into the frontrunner of the game call industry.

The company continues to grow today. If you’ve seen “Primos Truth About Hunting,” you’ve seen the Primos boys fill some tags. And you know by now without me telling you that Will Primos is a legend.

will primos

In addition to bringing us some of the best game calls in the business, Will Primos stoked a fire in deer and turkey hunters everywhere through his Truth Series DVDs.

Harold Knight and David Hale

knight & hale

Few guys have woodsman skills like David Hale and Harold Knight. They simply know how to be in the right place to kill deer and turkeys.

These two living legends are arguably the two most influential men in the hunting industry. Their business, Knight & Hale, started in the basement of a house. Born and raised in Kentucky, they both share a passion for the outdoors that goes unrivaled. Their company is much the same.

Many of their calls are used by championship-level callers, and numerous world championships have been won with their designs.

Today, they continue to hunt, grow the Knight & Hale brand, and live the outdoor lifestyle. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of watching these guys hunt, I urge you to look them up. They’re everywhere. And if you ever get the opportunity to meet them at a sport show, I encourage you to do that, too. You won’t be sorry.

Michael Waddell

Michael waddell

Michael Waddell has brought a new flavor to the world of hunting and outdoor media

If you don’t know who Michael Waddell is, you haven’t turned on a television set or looked at social media. The guy is everywhere. Sure, he’s nearly half the age as many of our other living legends, but Waddell changed the face of outdoor programming in a time we needed a fresh start for the younger audience. We preach about hunter recruitment all the time. Michael Waddell has, and is, doing his fair share to light a fire in young hunters everywhere through fun and edgy outdoor media.

Michael started his career as a cameraman for Realtree. He later hosted Realtree Road Trips. He still does that today in addition to hosting his own show, “Bone Collector,” as well as appearing on other programs.

He serves as a spokesman for the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and strives to help conserve our hunting heritage through outreach efforts. A legend, without a doubt.

Brenda Valentine

Brenda Valentine has long been an outdoor icon for millions of Americans. She’s lead the charge on women in the outdoors and has inspired thousands of women, and men, to grasp the outdoor lifestyle. She’s referred to as the “First Lady of Hunting.” That alone speaks volume.

Years ago, she set the bar high for lady hunters everywhere. Few, if any, have come close to the accomplishments that Valentine has.

Brenda is a spokeswoman for the NWTF. She’s also a T.V. host, author, public speaker and more. Simply put, this woman is a hunter. And a legendary hunter at that.

Brenda Valentine

First Lady of Hunting, Brenda Valentine, is the real deal. She’s earned her spot as a true hunting legend.

Fred Eichler

If you’re an avid archer and don’t know who Fred Eichler is, you have some catching up to do. This man is in the field nonstop, hunting and guiding archery hunts. Fred was the first to take all 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow to get the Super Slam. And he was the first to bring the excitement of the Super Slam to the viewing public through his videos.

He knows how to hunt. He knows how to shoot. He’s legendary.

Fred is a Realtree prostaff member. He also is a T.V. host and public speaker. He even runs his own outfitting business. The man has spent his life in the outdoors. And it reflects in everything he says and does.

Fred Eichler

Fred’s excitement and passion for bowhunting is contagious. He’s a fun guy to watch on TV and in person.

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