20 Insane Elk Kill Shots With a Bow

Few things compare to bugling bulls in the high country. It seems like sooner or later, most every bowhunter finds themselves dreaming of their time with a big bull in bow range.

The majority of hunters will never experience an elk hunt. Fewer still will actually find success. But there’s something about those slim odds for success that keep leading elk hunters back to the mountain each year.

All the time spent preparing gear, preparing your body, and the brutal routine of climbing the mountain day after day comes down to one very brief  moment. Will you be prepared for it?

full draw on a elk

You’re at full draw on a bull elk at 7 yards. Your adrenaline is nearly out of control. Can you pull it off?

With elk season just two months away, we post the following video to help stoke the fire for chasing big bulls once again…just in case you actually needed it. Here’s 20 insane elk kill shots with a bow…

Got an elk hunt lined up this season? Comment below, and let us know where you’ll be chasing elk this fall.




  1. Colorado for me in just over a month. This video is just the best


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