Don’t Mess With Hunters: Hunter Harassment Outlawed

By Bow StaffMay 9, 2016

It’s nice to see somebody take up for the good guys every once in a while, right? So a tip of the camo cap came from Wisconsin hunters as Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill prohibiting people from bothering hunters in the Wisconsin woods. That’ right! Don’t mess with hunters. Hunter harassment has now been outlawed in Wisconsin.

don't mess with WI hunters

Don’t mess with hunters! It’s about time that hunters have the law in their corner in the battle against anti-hunters.

Walker signed the bill last month at the Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association’s 52nd annual convention in Rothschild.

Action 2 News out of Rothschild reports that in a statement, Walker calls hunting, fishing and trapping “major pastimes” in Wisconsin, and says the bill provides hunters with “additional protections from interference.”

Authors of the bill say concerns about hunter harassment have grown since a group of animal rights activist known as the Wolf Patrol began harassing hunters in Wisconsin and Montana in 2014.

This new bill broadens the definition of interference with a hunter to include remaining in a hunter’s sight and photographing or confronting a hunter more than twice with the intention to interfere.

What about you? Have you ever experienced hunter harassment? Where, and how, did things go down in your experience with harassment from anti-hunters ? Comment below and let us know what you’ve seen and heard.

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