Poachers Caught on Camera [VIDEO]

By Bow StaffApril 19, 20164 Comments

Tennessee is the Volunteer State…and these poachers caught on camera have taken that mindset to the cab of the truck as they voluntarily roll down their windows to shoot at a robo-deer decoy set up by TWRA officers.

You’ll see it all in this one. From multiple shots and swapping out guns, to running back to the truck and the speedy get-away…it’s all in there.

poacher in truck

Don’t let you or your hunting buddies be the next star in a poachers caught on camera video.

Yes, it’s very entertaining. But even more, it’s sad. It’s sad to see the “grown-ups” leading their children, families, and buddies to the lifestyle of a poacher.

The robo-deer decoys used in the videos were donated to the TWRA by the Chattanooga Area Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI).



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