Top 5 Turkey Decapitation Videos

By Bow StaffApril 6, 2016

Yes, this blog post will be graphic. There will be heads rollin’ and stuff dyin’. But if you’ve clicked your way to this point, we’ll assume you dig chasing turkeys with a bow. Let’s be honest. There is no better way to spend the warm months of spring than hunting one of the coolest little critters God ever made. And our Top 5 Turkey Decapitation Videos compilation will no doubt help prime the pump as you head out on your next turkey hunting adventure. So here we go…

muzzy decap

Despite what you may have heard, head shots on turkeys are as clean and quick as any shot you can possibly take on a bird this spring.

Number 5

You were warned that heads were gonna roll, and this decap compilation is a good example of just that. These guys are having a big time as they stay dialed in on the noggin’ of these gobblers. This video is the perfect intro to our Top 5 Turkey Decapitation Videos.

Number 4

Keith Beam is one of the legends when it comes to bowhunting turkeys. And he can likely be considered the pioneer of head shots on gobblers. He was decapitating turkeys before decapitating turkeys became cool. Here’s one of his classic hunts from way back as he takes a head shot on a tom as it’s trying to breed the decoy.

Number 3

You’ve seen it done with a shotgun, but how about two head shots with one arrow? We don’t recommend it…but it has been done. Just be sure to check the regulations for the state you’re hunting.

Number 2

Things get ugly quick when this western gobbler receives a throat-punch from the Magnus Bullhead. The boss tom couldn’t resist investigating the breeding jake and hen decoy combo and strutted right up in on the action. It was his final mistake.

Number 1

Want multiple camera angles? Okay, here’s what a turkey decapitation looks like when the hunter adds cameras to the decoy spread. Yep, this one will no doubt go down as a classic. The Muzzy M.O.R.E. did exactly what it was designed to do…take this turkey’s head clean off.

We want to  hear from you! Have you ever head shot a turkey? Would you? What broadhead did you use and how did it perform?  Comment below and let us know.

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