Fin-Finder Arrow-Lock Bowfishing Quiver Review

By Brodie SwisherMarch 27, 2016

Few things can be as slimy and messy as the sport of bowfishing. It’s honestly one of the nastiest…yet funnest…outdoor adventures you’ll ever take part in. Some of the messes that come with bowfishing are unavoidable. Others, however, have a simple fix with the addition of some fairly inexpensive gear. In my early days of bowfishing, I simply threw a handful of bowfishing arrows in the bottom of the boat and called it good. This typically resulted in a mess of arrows that often got somebody hurt and arrows abused.  Today there is a better way to keep your arrow at the ready, whether you’re hunting from the boat or the bank. Whether it’s a tube style bowfishing quiver or single arrow bowfishing quiver…it’s time to say goodbye to the mess of arrows in the boat or truck.



Fumbling for an arrow in the bottom of the boat is an unnecessary frustration. There is a better way!

The guys at Fin-Finder are always adding slick new products to their growing line of bowfishing gear each year. Their Arrow-Lock Bowfishing Quiver is one such item that should be considered standard equipment for bowfishermen.

There’s really not much to be found in the package other than the quiver itself and two mounting screws. The quiver consists of an anodized aluminum mounting plate with an angle adjustment option to allow you a custom fit for your bow. The pivoting rubber gripper is what holds the arrow snug and secure. The quiver features Stainless Steel hardware for years of trouble free use.

Installing the Arrow-Lock

Installation is quick and easy. Easy enough I let my wife do it! Two Allen screws are all that are in the mix to attach the quiver to the riser.


Two quick screws in and you're ready to fish!

Two quick screws in and you’re ready to fish!

I’ve seen some single-arrow quivers in the past that did a lousy job of holding the arrow secure. The slightest bump would knock the arrow loose. That’s not the case with this quiver.

The rubber gripper "teeth" hold the arrow tight. No slipping or sliding.

The rubber gripper “teeth” hold the arrow tight. No slipping or sliding.

The Arrow-Lock quiver will help you stay better organized in the boat, but I really think it will shine among bank shooters and those wading the shallow waters. No more clutching an arrow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Just add the Arrow-Lock to the mix, and you’re ready to go.


Fin-Finder is committed to offering tools to help you Explore Further. The Arrow-Lock Bowfishing Quiver is certainly one to help make life easier when exploring the backwaters.

Dakota, from Fin-Finder, introduced us to the Arrow-Lock Bowfishing Quiver earlier in the year in the video below…

The Arrow-Lock Bowfishing Quiver is universal, fitting right or left handed shooters and accommodates most standard bows.

This is simple piece of equipment. It’s not gonna blow your mind as the next big thing in bowfishing. But what it will do is take much of the frustration out of your next bowfishing adventure. It helps simplify things as you make the commute to the water.

Make life easier this bowfishing season by adding the Arrow-Lock Bowfishing Quiver to your setup. Whether you’re in the boat, or fishing from the bank, the Arrow-Lock will free up your hands, allowing you to do work when you connect on a big fish.

Check out the complete line of Fin-Finder products at


Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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