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For us archery and bowhunting gear enthusiasts the ATA Show is unquestionably the most highly anticipated trade show of the year.  Nearly every major manufacturer of archery and hunting gear is gathered in a single building to show off their latest and greatest offerings for the coming season.  With over 600 vendors in attendance you can imagine there is quite a variety of new and innovative products to look at.

This year our team consisted of 11 total people who worked tirelessly to provide up to date videos, photos and social media posts throughout the digital world.  In fact, provided more ATA Show coverage than any other media outlet during this 3 day event.  As we walked, talked and looked at products we assembled a list of those that caught our eye and left a lasting impression for one reason or another.  Whether it’s a new take on an old product or something you’ve never seen before here is our list of the best products on display at the 2016 ATA Show.

NAP Hammerknocker Broadhead

The Hammerknocker 100 broadhead from industry veteran New Archery Products features the industry’s first carbon fiber composite ferrule.  This composite is a direct metal replacement and is as strong, if not stronger, than many metal ferrule broadheads on the market today.  Inside this space age design are three blades which deploy upon impact to create a large 2” cutting diameter.  The blades are held open by the forward pressure applied while passing through the target, and then snap shut upon exit.  The prayers of bowhunters looking for a correct opening 2 inch cut, 3 blade expandable broadhead may have just been answered.

Want to know if it works on deer?  Check out this Iowa giant that was killed with the Hammerknocker on the last day of the season.

Rinehart Doloma Decoys

Deer decoys are certainly nothing new to the bowhunting world, however the Doloma series decoys from Rinehart are something that you’ve never seen before.  The multi-piece design not only makes these decoys simple to disassemble and transport, but more importantly it provides several pivot points for the decoy to move in even the slightest wind creating the most realistic head and next movement we’ve ever seen on a decoy.  Made from Rinehart’s legendary urethane foam these decoys are not only realistic but built to last and at only 8 pounds they’re extremely portable.

Rambo Fat Tire Hunting Bikes

If you know Todd Graf you know his love for all things cycling.  So when he saw the new Rambo Fat Tire hunting bike he just had to try it.   The new R750 weighs 59 lbs and is battery operated to get you into those remote areas with ease and deadly silence.  For those who bike into their hunting areas you know getting sweaty can be a nightmare for both scent control and staying comfortable on stand.  With the R750 those worries are over.  The Rambo’s 750W motor can reach speeds up to 20 mph and even help drag your trophy out of the woods.

Rambo Fat Tire Hunting Bike

Ground Hog Max ATV Disc

While the Ground Hog Max isn’t exactly a new product, it’s one that caught the eye of our video team while walking the floor of this year’s ATA show.   The Ground Hog Max mounts to the rear of your ATV or UTV and uses the weight of your machine with you on it to bite into the ground and turn over your food plots before planting.  It’s a great tool that’s affordable and allows almost anyone to properly prepare their food plot beds before planting, which is one of the keys to a successful food plot.

Koola Buck Junior

If you’ve hunted long enough you’re surely run into situations where a walk-in cooler would be extremely handy.  Koola Buck has solved that problem with their line of portable walk-in type coolers.  New for 2016 is the Koola Buck Junior.  This unit is 3 foot x 3 foot wide, 6 foot 6 inches tall, and rated to hang up to 600 lbs from the ceiling.  Pack it down and take it with you to hunting camp or when you travel to ensure your meat will never spoil again.  MSRP $2,495

Deerlab Trail Camera Photo Software

As trail cameras continue to boom in popularity it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way to both organize your images as well as use them to help plan your hunts.  Deerlab’s software does just that.  Simply upload your photos, input some information and Deerlab will help plot movement patterns of specific animals and show you trends of animal movement based on weather patterns and other data.  If you’re a trail camera nut looking to gather as much data from your images as possible this is the tool for you.

Stealth Cam SD Card Readers

Sticking with the trail camera theme are a line of SD card readers from Stealth Cam.  Avaiable for both iOS and Android devices these small adapters will allow you to check your trail camera photos in the field without the need for an external viewer, tablet or laptop.  Simply plug the adapter into your phone, insert your SD card and view away.  This is a great new tool that can help simplify the process of checking your trail cameras while in the field.

Stealth Cam SD Card Viewer

Buckshot’s Antler Scoring System

“So what did that deer score?”  We’ve all heard this question before.  And while using your old trusty steel tape measure may get you close it won’t provide those accurate measurements you need when putting the tape to your latest trophy.  New for 2016 Buckshot has released a handy tool that includes a flexible steel wire which bends to the curve of your rack to provide precise measurements.  It also includes a handy scoring guide for those who need a refresher course or tips along the way.

Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness

Hanging treestands is a lot of work.  Whether you waited until the heat of summer and are fighting off insects as sweat drips in your eyes or you’re run-and-gunning a new setup on a cool October afternoon there’s no two ways around it.  In order to help make this job a little easier while still keeping you safe, Hunter Safety System has developed the new Hanger Harness.  This safety harness is designed to take a beating and keep on going while providing ample storage for the gear you need while hanging new stands.  As an added bonus it allows you to keep your hunting harness clean and scent free.

Hunting Revolution TwisterNock

An arrow that spins during flight is a more accurate arrow.  Archers have known this for many years and have tried a variety of methods to help increase arrow rotation in flight.  From helical feathers to tabbed vanes and even rotating broadheads we’ve seen a lot of products over the years.  New for 2016 is the TwisterNock from Hunting Revolution.  This nock is pre-loaded with tension which is released as you fire the bow.  This tension begins spinning the arrow immediately upon release for a more accurate shot.  The TwisterNock is available in both a standard and lighted version.

Celestron Elements Thermo Torch

New for 2016 is the 3rd generation of Element products from Celestron.  The one that really caught our attention is the ThermoTorch.  It is a combination rechargeable hand warmer, flashlight and USB battery charger.  This unit is dust and water resistant, heats up to 110 degrees and the light will run up to 24 hours on the 60 lumen setting.

ScentCrusher Scent Elimination Bag

In recent years we’ve seen and heard a lot about ozone’s powerful effects on fighting human odor and bacteria on our clothing.  However up until now there hasn’t been a great way to deodorize your gear in an easy fashion.  This is where the new Scent Elimination bag from Scent Crusher comes in.  Simply fill the bag with your clothing and other gear, plug it in at your home or in your vehicle, set the timer for 30 minutes and you’re done.  In just ½ hour your clothing is free of odor and bacteria and ready to hunt.

ScentLok Nexus Base Layers

Base layers are critical to your comfort in the field but are often overshadowed by their flashier outwear counterparts.  However for 2016 ScentLok has come out with a new line of base layers in 3 different weights that definitely deserve a mention.   The active weight garments feature paneled technology and use carbon alloy technology in hot spots where your odor is generated while still wicking away sweat.  The heavy arctic weight pieces feature an ultra soft, comfortable and warm sherpa fleece lining.

Benjamin Pioneer Air Bow

Possibly the most talked about product of the 2016 ATA show was the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.  Make no mistake – this is an air gun through and through.  However unlike all other airguns in the world this one shoots arrows up to 450 fps.  A single charge of 3,000 psi can fire up a 26 inch long arrow up to 8 times.   If nothing else this product certainly has the archery crowd talking!

Want to see Jim Shockey take down a buffalo with one of these bad boys?  Of course you do.  Click here for that video.

Did you see or hear about any other products from this year’s ATA show that deserve a mention here?  If so comment below!

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