Cam-Guardian Secures Your Treestand and Trail Cam

By Bow StaffJanuary 7, 20164 Comments

Guardian Hunting is a new company from Ohio that has launched some really user-friendly products to aid hunters both in the woods and after a successful hunt. Their steel banded Cam-Guardian was designed to keep your treestand in the place that you intended it to be. Say goodbye to hauling heavy chains and locks into the woods. This product will deter any gear-snatching thief that might come across your stand. The average trespasser won’t have the tools to get past the Cam-Guardian.


The unit also serves as a safer and more secure option for mounting your trail cameras. Cameras strapped to a tree with a typical webbed strap are easy targets for would-be thieves. The Cam-Guardian turns the odds against the thief, securing your camera safely to the tree. Consider it a small investment in the protection of your camera or treestand.


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