Heartland Wildlife Lick Magic & Rack Maker Extreme

By Bow StaffJanuary 6, 2016

As deer hunting seasons wrap up, it’s time once again to begin focusing on herd management andLick Magic 8lb growth for the new year. Hearltand Wildlife makes that job a little easier for 2016 with several new products.

First, their new Lick Magic product is now being released in an 8-pound bag for easy carrying into the woods to freshen up mineral licks. Lick Magic from Heartland Wildlife provides an economical solution for bolstering nutrition and providing a mineral site that’s perfect for capturing photos with a scouting cam. Now available in an 8-pound bag, in addition to being offered in a 25-pound bag with an easy-carry handle—Lick Magic provides a great additional source of sodium, encouraging antler growth on bucks and a healthy herd overall. Lick Magic’s special apple flavoring creates a mineral site that deer find irresistible. For best results, use Lick Magic in the key antler growing season, beginning immediately after the spring thaw and maintaining the site through summer. Lick Magic retails for $9.95.


Rack Maker ExtremeAnother great new option for 2016 from Heartland Wildlife is their Rack Maker Extreme food plot seed. Rack Maker Extreme is engineered to be planted during early fall to serve as a late fall/early winter hunting plot, yet it will remain palatable to deer after the hunting seasons have ended due to frost-tolerant ingredients that offer a different peak attraction period, providing deer activity through all hunting seasons.

A calculated blend of winter oats, winter rye and forage soybeans—and the Rack Maker Brassicas mix—creates unmatched attraction power.

Rack Maker Extreme rings up at  $36.95.


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