Cellular Scouting With The Stealth Cam GXW-Wireless Camera

By Brodie SwisherNovember 17, 20158 Comments

It’s hard to believe how far trail camera technology has come in just the last decade. I saw a picture the trailtimerother day of the old Trail Timer unit that gave you a timed reading of when something tripped the trigger. We really thought we had quite the scouting tool with that one!

Fast-forward a decade or two later and we now have incredibly high-quality images and videos available at whatever point we care to place a camera. However, it’s not stopping there. Cellular options are now in place and will no doubt be the new standard in the future in scouting technology for hunters.

One company leading the way is Stealth Cam. Stealth Cam’s new GXW-Wireless camera allows you to set it up and stay out of the area thanks to it’s wireless sending option.

ontree169Out of the Box

Out of the box this camera looks about like all the others. Other than an antenna, you won’t initially notice much difference. Beyond the unit itself, included in the box are the camera’s strap for mounting to tree, antenna, handbook, quick start guide for cellular, Stealth Cam decal, and GSM catalog. The camera is nice and small. Very packable measuring 5.5″(H) x 4.0″(W) x 2.5″(D)


On the Inside 

A look at what’s built into this camera is pretty impressive. The Triad 3-in-1 Technology allows you plenty of scouting options including video, still images, and time lapse. The GXW comes standard with four resolution options for images ranging from 2MP t0 12MP. It offers 1080P HD Video, recording 5-180 seconds with audio. The Time Lapse feature with PIR override is a great addition to this camera making for endless options on how you record game.

And you can say goodbye to missing the shot with your trail camera thanks to the Reflex Trigger bringing .4 second trigger speeds.

Other features on the inside include: Burst Mode of 1-9 images per triggering and 5-59 second/1-59 minute recovery time out. Your image will feature time, date, moon phase, temperature, and name.

Sharper pictures are the norm with this camera thanks to its Matrix Blur Reduction Technology.

Other features found with this camera include a test mode, low battery indicator, and a USB output.

The camera features an SD slot for up to 32GB ensuring tons of space for all the photos and videos you can handle.


On the Outside

The camera features 45 Black IR Emitters giving you a 100′ no-glow range allowing you to go undetected from critters as well as trespassers and thieves.


On the front you’ll find a slick little 2″ LCD screen that allows you to view and delete images. I love this feature as it helps cut down on unwanted trips in and out of the woods to view cards, change cards, etc. Just pull it up on the LCD screen and you can immediately see what you’ve had come by.

openface169The front of this camera is also home to a simple, easy to use Menu for quick and easy scrolling and setup.

An eject button on the bottom right corner of the unit triggers a hidden battery tray that will pop out when pressed. The camera runs off 12 AA batteries, but also features an External Power Jack for a 12V battery box.


The magic happens with the external long-range antenna enabling you to transmit images and video clips. Just imagine all the places you’ve wanted to put this style of camera. No more unwanted pressure on those hard-to-reach hidey holes.

antenna-169Go Wireless

And that’s the true beauty of this camera. You can configure the camera to send images instantly upon triggering or customize a schedule to best suit your needs. You can view and manage images, as well as control camera settings via the free Stealth Cam app for IPhone and Android devices.


Viewing transmitted images, managing photo galleries, and sharing your images via your social media outlets…what more could you possibly ask for in a trail camera?

gxw-2169Here’s a quick video to give you a better look at how the cellular feature works on this camera…

We caught up with our friend, Ben Smith of GSM Outdoors back during the trade shows and here’s what he shared with us on a few more details of what this camera can do.

The Stealth Cam GXW-Wireless camera retails for $499.99 and can be found at www.gsmoutdoors.com as well as leading sporting goods retailers across the country. Be sure to check back for more from the Bowhunting.com team as we spend more time with this camera in the field in the days ahead.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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