The 6 Hunters We All Know on Social Media

I have no problem admitting I’m addicted to social media.  I check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds far more often than necessary and pride myself on being well informed on what everyone else in the world is up to.  After all, as part of a media company it’s important for me to be “in the know”, right?  At least that’s what I tell myself anyways.

In my years of reading status updates, viewing photos and watching video clips I’ve determined that there are a variety of interesting types of hunters on the web.  As they share, like, comment, tweet and otherwise make their electronic presence known I’ve come to identify several patterns in which they behave.  While these patterns certainly aren’t unique to hunting alone, to me they represent the most interesting types of hunters on the social web.  So grab a cold beverage, kick your feet back and meet the 6 hunters we all know on social media.

1. The Over-Sharer.

This is probably the most common social personality, hunter or otherwise.  The Over-Sharer feels the need to update the world everything they’re doing at all times, no matter how trivial.  Headed out to check trail cameras?  Tell us about it!  Going to buy some new arrows?  Oh man, can’t wait to hear what you got!  Just climbed up in your stand for the evening sit?  Show us that treestand selfie, baby!


2. The Hashtagger

I’m of the opinion that people should be required to pass some sort of proficiency exam before being allowed to use hashtags.  It appears that many folks really have no idea what a hashtag is or how it’s supposed to be used.  Instead of tagging their posts with useful and universal tags that may allow us to find related content at a later date they strive to create the most unique and non-useful tags known to man.  #hashtagsarentsupposedtobefullsentences

The Hashtagger doesn’t stop at simply creating meaningless hashtags.  No sir. 2 or 3 hashtags on a single post doesn’t cut it for these folks.  They won’t rest until they’ve conjured up a dozen or more tags that take longer to decipher than the NY Times crossword puzzle.  When your hashtags are longer than the content of your post, you’re doing it wrong.  #themorehashtagsiusethebetterhunteriam


3. The Shameless Plugger

Is it just me or is every 3rd hunter these days on some sort of “pro staff”?  Are these new pro staff members judged solely by the amount of Facebook plugs they provide?  It sure seems that way.  It also seems like the folks who aren’t on a staff want to work their way onto one by shamelessly plugging any product they can get their hands on.  Some of these companies and products I’ve never even heard of.  “Really LOVING my new Acme Arrow Slinger 2000!  Can’t wait to lay the smack down on a freak nasty this fall!  #gonnakillabigbuckwithmyAAS2000”

Note that the Shamelss Plugger is close cousins with the Name Brander who enjoys nothing more than posting logos of their favorite name brand hunting gear and apparel.  The Name Brander strives to own top of the line everything, including several sets of gear fit to climb Mount Everest, yet spends most of their time 12 feet off the ground in a stand that’s 200 yards from their hybrid SUV.


4. The Bragger

I would say this is the 2nd most common type of personality after the Over-Sharer.  The Bragger likes to post almost to the point of over-sharing, however his posts are always regarding how awesome he is.  Just scored another 1,000 acres of primo ground in Iowa loaded with a bunch of Booners?  Awww yeah!  Show us those trail cam photos.  Picked up another new $1,500 bow setup just to have as a backup for the one you bought a month ago?  Sweet, bro!  Tell us how good it shoots.  And yes, of course we want to see 73 photos of the buck you just killed in a variety of different angles and poses.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

The Bragger also makes sure to post a few more photos of his deer a week or two later, just in case we missed them the first time.  *LIKE*


5. The Nostalgic

Those of you old enough to remember Al Bundy’s tales of scoring 4 touchdowns in a single game while playing for Polk High will understand The Nostalgic.  This person is a big fan of “Throwback Thursday”, “Flashback Friday”, and any other day they can use as an excuse to post a photo of the big buck they killed nearly a decade ago.  We’ve all seen the photo and heard the story a few dozen times at this point but The Nostalgic doesn’t care.  In fact, he may just change his profile picture to that old trophy photo just so we can all see it on every post he makes.  Well played, sir.


6. The Advice Giver

The Internet has turned everyone into an expert in all subjects of life, and hunting is no different.  Need some unsolicited advice on tuning your bow?  No problem.  I’ve got a guy who started shooting 2 years ago who will tell you all about it.  Probably just need to paper tune it, dummy.  Having a hard time killing that big buck you’ve got trail cam photos of?  You better listen up because my buddy knows a thing or two about hunting bedding areas.  After all, he almost killed a buck last fall on a morning hunt in October using some advice he read in our Forum.  And hey, if you made a marginal shot and need some advise I know just the guy.  He’s shot 4 deer in the last 5 years and recovered 3 of them.  That’s a pretty high percentage so listen closely as he drops his knowledge on you.



If you find yourself falling into any of these categories don’t worry, we still love you!  Well, kind of love you after we unfollow you or hide your status updates we don’t want to see.  Sorry!

Know any other funny hunter social media stereotypes?  Share them below!

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Justin has been bowhunting for more than 25 years, harvesting a number of P&Y whitetails in his home state of Illinois during that time.  He co-hosts the popular bowhunting show 'Bowhunt or Die' and is a frequent guest on numerous hunting podcast.  Justin lives in the NW suburbs of Chicago with his wife and 3 children.
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  1. Justin this was epic! Just awesome!

  2. Matt Staser says:

    Thankfully I am not any of those. Wait, I better go check again. In the meantime, I would like to thank Johnny Applesauce also for that buck I shot back in 1974. I don’t know why nobody will sponsor me since I shot that one buck.

  3. Lady Liberty says:

    LOVE IT! Never gonna post on Facebook again…not. Thanks for the laughs! I see a new hashtag in your future: #JustinWhichSocialMediaHunterAmI?
    Hope you’re having a GREAT season!

  4. Steve Porchet says:

    Don’t forget the “I’m going to make it look bigger so I’ll hold it at arms length Guy”. These guys kill me! Stop trying to make a 130″ Deer look like a 160″ Deer. You shot it, now respect the animal and be honest about the “trophy” you’ve harvested.

  5. I’m all of them and dam proud of it.

  6. nextgreenlife says:

    You definitely missed one – The Thunder Stealer.

    This is the guy who posts pics about the animal(s) that he and his buddy(ies) just worked so hard to get but has never filled a tag in his life and contributed as little as humanly possible to the endeavor.

  7. Jay Higginbotham says:

    Part of a book I’m working on….similar to this article….hope you enjoy.

    It takes all kinds of kinds

    Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing the whitetail woods with hunters from all walks of life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, there are no two hunters alike, but most hunters tend to share similar qualities that they live by in their quests for the whitetail. Below are the most prevalent qualities amongst hunters across the country. Where do you fall?

    * * *

    The Know-it-all

    Forget everything you know about whitetails and hunting, because it’s all wrong according to the “Know-it-all” hunter. If you say the rut is on, they say it’s already over. Climbing 20 feet up a tree is not high enough. You should’ve passed on that deer, he’s too small.

    Everyone knows a “know-it-all” hunter. Sometimes you just have to nod your head and smile with this type of person. I have a great friend who falls into this category of hunter. It doesn’t matter what you do, how many years you’ve been hunting, or how many deer you’ve harvested. Whatever you’re doing, it’s wrong and whatever he’s doing, it’s right. It never fails, every time we hunt together, he sends me a text saying, “Jay, what’s the wind direction and where are you hunting?” I’ll tell him the wind direction and my location, knowing full well, I’m about to hear, “the wind is bad for that spot, but good luck” or “that’s not right, the wind is at my back so I know that’s not right.” Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these types of hunters have a lot of wisdom to share, but choose wisely the advice that you take away from some hunters.

    * * *

    The Lazy Hunter

    So you’ve got your food plot done, you’ve hung your stand in the perfect tree, you’ve got trail camera pictures of a great buck, opening day is finally here, you get to the property only to see Bill’s truck parked at the gate. You send him a text message, “where are you at?” He replies, “I found an awesome stand right on the edge of a beautiful food plot.”

    Yep, many of us have been in this situation. We’ve all had a run in with the “Lazy Hunter” once or twice. If you hunt on public land or you are a member of a hunt club, chances are you will be sharing your prized honey hole with other hunters. Sometimes even family land can lead to the occasional sneaky hunter. The key is to choose your hunting friends wisely. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. I’ve opened my mouth when I should have played the “quiet hunter” too many times. Telling your buddies about a monster rub you found or a huge white oak tree that’s dropping golf ball sized acorns is usually a safe bet, unless you have a “lazy hunter” in your presence.

    * * *

    The Lucky Hunter

    “Timmy had just got out of his truck, walked 30 yards down the trail, and that monster 12 point stepped out in front of him at 10 yards. Timmy shot from the hip and down went the giant.” That’s what I call “LUCK”. We’ve all seen the “Lucky Hunter”. It happens most often when a youth hunter is in the woods for his/her first ever hunt. If there’s a giant buck in the woods, inevitably it will find its’ way passed every other hunter in the woods, run right up to the youth hunter and lick him on the top of his head. That’s just the way it is. I’m not jealous, because there has been times in my life where the stars have all aligned, the heavens opened up, the angels all sang Kumbaya, and I’ve harvested a dandy. But, those hunts are few and far between.

    I was a member of a club in Laurens, SC for several years. When I first joined, there were only 7 stands on the entire 165 acre lease. After my first year in the club, I had built and installed 32 wooden or metal ladder stands (yes, that was a busy summer) and one really nice 2 man tower stand. The tower stand overlooked about 30 acres of newly thinned pines. This particular club had a long-standing tradition of camping out at the property the evening before opening day. So, I decided to join in on the fun. Sitting around the campfire that night, was a single father who had brought his 9 year old son out for his first ever deer hunt. He asked me where I thought they should go and if there was a stand where they could sit together the following morning. Immediately I told them of my beautiful tower stand. Little did I know, that 9 year old boy would shoot a monster 14 point buck the next morning. I can’t tell you how proud I was when I saw the smile on that boys’ face as he and his dad showed off that giant buck. I’m not sure if it was luck or fate that smiled down on little Todd that morning, but I’m sure glad it did.

    * * *

    The Unlucky Hunter

    We have all felt like the “unlucky hunter” once or twice, but I swear, there are some people who if they didn’t have bad luck, they’d have no luck at all. It could be raining whitetail bucks outside and this person would get hit in the head with a squirrel.

    My good friend Nate falls into this category. I have personally tried to help him harvest his first deer by taking him to spots where it would be almost impossible to not see deer. It never fails, he will send me a text message saying, “I just got busted”, or “I didn’t see anything”. The worst was when he told me that his gun had misfired on a decent buck.

    If you are the “unlucky hunter”, I feel for you and wish you the best.

    * * *

    The Hi-Tech Hunter

    He’s got the latest, greatest, buck-calling, deer-slaying, pin-point accurate, gadgets and gizmos the hunting industry has to offer. The “Hi-Tech Hunter” has it all. If it’s on the shelf at Cabelas, he’s got it. His hunting pack has to weigh in at 100 pounds and I believe his climber carries him up the tree with the greatest of ease.

    The hunting industry has become one of the fasted growing markets and there are some amazing products out there for the Hi-Tech hunter. He now has an enormous variety of tools to aid him in his pursuit of the whitetail. These include trail cameras, scent block technologies, web-based mapping systems, hand-held GPS, cell phone hunting apps, time-released scrape drippers, super high speed cross-bows and compound bows, heated hunting suits, safety harnesses, and the list goes on. However, even with all of these highly advanced whitetail hunting tools, putting a bruiser buck in your truck is still easier said than done.

    * * *

    The Unethical Hunter

    The Unethical hunter is the worst kind of hunter and does not even deserve the right to be called a hunter. He has no regard for laws, safety, or the animal. He is the person who sneaks onto neighboring lands ignoring “NO TRESPASSING” signs or uses a spotlight to kill deer at night without a permit. I’ve heard of hunters taking a crack shot at deer, then not even bothering to recover the deer knowing full well the animal could be injured. It’s hunters like this that give our sport a bad name in the eyes of non-hunters. When I see a hunter breaking the law, it is my duty as an ethical hunter to report the violation.

    A few years ago, I was 30 feet up a pine tree on one of my hunt club leases in SC. It was one of those perfect mornings where you just have that gut feeling that this is your day to harvest a monster. At about 8:30 I heard a four wheeler barreling through the woods heading my direction. I thought, surely no one else would be hunting this close to me. As I watched 2 deer run off, the four wheeler stopped about 200 yards from me. Two teenage boys with shotguns in hand hopped off and released a beagle. The beagle began running parallel to the logging road I was on and the two boys followed. They were obviously rabbit hunting which was not in season. I whistled loudly at them. I heard one boy say, “crap, get the dog.” So I whistled again, this time trying to get the dogs attention. Would you believe that dog came right to the bottom of my tree and sat down? To make a long story short, I gave those 2 boys a piece of my mind and since I knew where they lived and that they had lied to me about it, I decided to give the game warden a call. Needless to say, after their parents paid a $400 trespassing fine, we never saw them again.

  8. I like the “negative expert” who always tells you that you basically don’t have any business hunting if you can’t shoot a dime at 70 yards or that any bow or equipment you have isn’t as good as his!

    • Good call! I may throw this guy in with “The Hater”. This is the same guy who questions every big buck that someone shoots saying it was poached or shot in a fence. They also like to criticize everyone’s shot placement as well.

  9. @heywiz says:

    How about the “your deer isn’t big enough” guy?
    “Only an eight point? You need to let him grow to see his potential.”
    “Next year it would have been 30 inches bigger.”
    “That’s a good management deer.”
    Usually when you ask for pictures of the deer they’ve taken, they can only provide trail cam pics. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  10. Roland says:

    What about the Fanboy?

    You know, that guy who gets a new boy and states that it is the quietest, most-forgiving, most-accurate, hardest hitting, and fastest bow on the market. BUT that is exactly what he said about the last 5 new bows he shot from the same manufacturer over the last 5 years.

    I see those guys all the time!

  11. Justin,
    Great comments. It’s pretty sad how the economic role has become the most vital factor for hunting. I can understand the business end of it from a professional level but that too has gotten out of control. If these amature dudes want to have some fun with all of this that’s okay with me but they should realize they are nothing special. Believe it or not hunting has taught me a little about humility. These guys don’t have a clue what it all means. To them the bottom line is who killed the biggest buck. There are no great hunters and every Hunter should respect that. The great hunters and or survivalists are the animals themselves. If you don’t beleive me put down your gun or bow walk in the wilds and try to harvest your animal of choice. Good luck my friend. Once again loved what I read up top Justin. Take care
    🙂 Jeff

  12. Justin,
    I forgot to mention that I think all of your comments will help some of these hunters who love themselves way too much. It’s my belief if a person is honest with themselves they can really learn from your writing. Sometimes in life it takes reading material like what you posted for another person to see themselves. Unfortunately what you posted won’t help everyone because there are just those type of people who claim to be hunting Gods in the field. You can’t help them and they can’t help themselves. They would rather bull_ _ _ _ themselves and others seeking that ever so important recognition. Have a great day Justin. 🙂 Jeff

  13. You forgot “The Sleeping Hunter”. Thus is the guy that gets on stand and promptly falls asleep, missing the chance for the deer walking by him.

    • nextgreenlife says:

      Subset of that guy, who is probably the same guy despite sleeping all day, is “The Freight Train” – the guy who falls asleep before everyone else and snores so loudly the rest of the tent/camp doesn’t get any sleep and each subsequent day is more and more miserable for everyone else while “The Freight Train” has never slept better in his life, evangelizing how peaceful sleeping in the wilderness is.

  14. Good Stuff JZ

  15. Kyle Geary says:

    You said the name brander but you forgot the opposite guy. The one that won’t spend any money on anything new and runs down everyone that uses new equipment. Usually insisting that he shoots his 1991 PSE better than any of today’s new junk.


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