The 6 Hunters We All Know on Social Media

By Justin ZarrSeptember 29, 201517 Comments

I have no problem admitting I’m addicted to social media.  I check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds far more often than necessary and pride myself on being well informed on what everyone else in the world is up to.  After all, as part of a media company it’s important for me to be “in the know”, right?  At least that’s what I tell myself anyways.

In my years of reading status updates, viewing photos and watching video clips I’ve determined that there are a variety of interesting types of hunters on the web.  As they share, like, comment, tweet and otherwise make their electronic presence known I’ve come to identify several patterns in which they behave.  While these patterns certainly aren’t unique to hunting alone, to me they represent the most interesting types of hunters on the social web.  So grab a cold beverage, kick your feet back and meet the 6 hunters we all know on social media.

1. The Over-Sharer.

This is probably the most common social personality, hunter or otherwise.  The Over-Sharer feels the need to update the world everything they’re doing at all times, no matter how trivial.  Headed out to check trail cameras?  Tell us about it!  Going to buy some new arrows?  Oh man, can’t wait to hear what you got!  Just climbed up in your stand for the evening sit?  Show us that treestand selfie, baby!


2. The Hashtagger

I’m of the opinion that people should be required to pass some sort of proficiency exam before being allowed to use hashtags.  It appears that many folks really have no idea what a hashtag is or how it’s supposed to be used.  Instead of tagging their posts with useful and universal tags that may allow us to find related content at a later date they strive to create the most unique and non-useful tags known to man.  #hashtagsarentsupposedtobefullsentences

The Hashtagger doesn’t stop at simply creating meaningless hashtags.  No sir. 2 or 3 hashtags on a single post doesn’t cut it for these folks.  They won’t rest until they’ve conjured up a dozen or more tags that take longer to decipher than the NY Times crossword puzzle.  When your hashtags are longer than the content of your post, you’re doing it wrong.  #themorehashtagsiusethebetterhunteriam


3. The Shameless Plugger

Is it just me or is every 3rd hunter these days on some sort of “pro staff”?  Are these new pro staff members judged solely by the amount of Facebook plugs they provide?  It sure seems that way.  It also seems like the folks who aren’t on a staff want to work their way onto one by shamelessly plugging any product they can get their hands on.  Some of these companies and products I’ve never even heard of.  “Really LOVING my new Acme Arrow Slinger 2000!  Can’t wait to lay the smack down on a freak nasty this fall!  #gonnakillabigbuckwithmyAAS2000”

Note that the Shamelss Plugger is close cousins with the Name Brander who enjoys nothing more than posting logos of their favorite name brand hunting gear and apparel.  The Name Brander strives to own top of the line everything, including several sets of gear fit to climb Mount Everest, yet spends most of their time 12 feet off the ground in a stand that’s 200 yards from their hybrid SUV.


4. The Bragger

I would say this is the 2nd most common type of personality after the Over-Sharer.  The Bragger likes to post almost to the point of over-sharing, however his posts are always regarding how awesome he is.  Just scored another 1,000 acres of primo ground in Iowa loaded with a bunch of Booners?  Awww yeah!  Show us those trail cam photos.  Picked up another new $1,500 bow setup just to have as a backup for the one you bought a month ago?  Sweet, bro!  Tell us how good it shoots.  And yes, of course we want to see 73 photos of the buck you just killed in a variety of different angles and poses.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

The Bragger also makes sure to post a few more photos of his deer a week or two later, just in case we missed them the first time.  *LIKE*


5. The Nostalgic

Those of you old enough to remember Al Bundy’s tales of scoring 4 touchdowns in a single game while playing for Polk High will understand The Nostalgic.  This person is a big fan of “Throwback Thursday”, “Flashback Friday”, and any other day they can use as an excuse to post a photo of the big buck they killed nearly a decade ago.  We’ve all seen the photo and heard the story a few dozen times at this point but The Nostalgic doesn’t care.  In fact, he may just change his profile picture to that old trophy photo just so we can all see it on every post he makes.  Well played, sir.


6. The Advice Giver

The Internet has turned everyone into an expert in all subjects of life, and hunting is no different.  Need some unsolicited advice on tuning your bow?  No problem.  I’ve got a guy who started shooting 2 years ago who will tell you all about it.  Probably just need to paper tune it, dummy.  Having a hard time killing that big buck you’ve got trail cam photos of?  You better listen up because my buddy knows a thing or two about hunting bedding areas.  After all, he almost killed a buck last fall on a morning hunt in October using some advice he read in our Forum.  And hey, if you made a marginal shot and need some advise I know just the guy.  He’s shot 4 deer in the last 5 years and recovered 3 of them.  That’s a pretty high percentage so listen closely as he drops his knowledge on you.



If you find yourself falling into any of these categories don’t worry, we still love you!  Well, kind of love you after we unfollow you or hide your status updates we don’t want to see.  Sorry!

Know any other funny hunter social media stereotypes?  Share them below!

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