Better Broadheads for Longbeards

By Brodie SwisherApril 28, 20153 Comments

Turkey season has opened across most of the country as the spring season rolls in to full swing. It’s arguably one of the greatest times of the year. It’s about this time each year that we’ll begin to hear from frustrated bowhunters on their experience with an inferior broadhead for bowhunting turkeys. There’s plenty of things that can go wrong with broadhead performance when it comes to punching turkeys. Mechanical failure, blades not opening up, arrows bouncing off birds, lousy flight, minimal cutting damage, and the list goes on. So whether you’re looking for a better option than the one that just failed you, or just getting started with bowhunting turkeys, here’s a few great options when it comes to deadly broadheads for turkeys.

NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter
The Gobbler Getter from NAP is a 1 ¾” cutting diameter that stomps a nasty hole in turkeys…or anything else that gets in its way. The broadhead is available in 100 or 125 grain models. The Spitfire name is known by bowhunters across the world for super flight and great wound channels. The Gobbler Getter continues to build on that very reputation. The broadhead’s Micro Grooved Slimline ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. The head also features a shock inducing turkey point that was designed for maximum shock as it strikes the bird. And the blades are no lightweight either. NAP says their blades were designed for extreme hemorrhaging and are being touted as the sharpest blades ever created.

Gobbler Getter

Muzzy M.O.R.E.
Broadheads designed specifically for headshots on turkeys came on the scene a decade or so ago and were a big hit when it came to instant death on gobblers. The problem was, there were a lot of hoops you had to jump through to make them fly right. Controlling a broadhead with a 3-4 inch propeller on the front was no easy task. And packing such broadheads around the woods was a chore in and of itself. Muzzy answered the demand for a better option in broadhead design for head shooting turkeys with their new M.O.R.E broadhead. M.O.R.E. stands for Merriam, Osceola, Rio, Eastern….the turkey subspecies that will no doubt find themselves in trouble when they encounter this new broadhead in the woods this spring.
The M.O.R.E head packs nice and easy due to its ability to lock down in a 1” closed position to fit any standard quiver. Once in position, the head quickly and easily locks into a wide 3” diameter for lopping off a turkeys head. Rugged .051” blades with a 1.5 degree offset design make the M.O.R.E. head much more durable and accurate than previous designs. The M.O.R.E head comes in 125 grain.

Muzzy MORE

Rage X-treme
Turkeys simply cannot survive when you put a massive wound through their body. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Rage X-treme. The X-treme is a monstrous 2-blade head with a super-deadly 2.3-inch cutting diameter. The sweeping blade angle on the new X-Treme maintains kinetic energy longer and penetrates deeper. Other features of the Rage X-treme include, razor-sharp .035” stainless steel blades honed to surgical sharpness and Shock Collars for optimum blade retention and deployment.

Rage Xtreme

Dead Ringer Kill Switch
One broadhead in particular that has created quite a buzz this year is the Kill Switch from dead Ringer. The Kill Switch design features an in-flight width of 1 ¾” and ridiculously wide 5” cutting surface when deployed. “The Kill Switch is the only mechanical broadhead designed for head shots on turkeys,” says Keith Beam of Drake’s Adventures and one of the master minds behind the creation of the Kill Switch. “There’s no more need for special quivers or longer arrows. You simply use your regular arrows. Screw these heads on and watch the devastating results.”
The Kill Switch features stainless steel blades with .032″ blade thickness.

See Keith Beam discuss the Kill Switch here:

Kill Switch

Flying Arrow Archery Tom Bomb
If you’ve watched Tim Wells and his aerial target antics lately on outdoor TV programming, you’ve probably seen him flinging arrows at birds with the Tom Bomb broadhead from Flying Arrow Archery. Tim has been using the heads for shooting doves and pigeons out of the air with a bow, but the original Tom Bomb was actually designed for shooting turkeys in the neck. The Tom Bomb is a very unique head designed specifically for decapitating gobblers.
The Tom Bomb features a single beveled edge blade that is surgical sharp for maximum devastation. Technology built into these broadheads ramp up penetration, stabilization, and accuracy. The crew at Flying Arrow says the Tom Bomb has more cutting surface than any broadhead with a 2.5” cutting diameter.

Tom Bomb

Don’t give up on your goal of shooting a gobbler with your bow this spring! Make it happen with one of the many deadly broadheads on the market today designed specifically for giving you the upper hand on your next longbeard.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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