Chuck Bumpus Buck By Josh Sturgill

Date: November 1, 2014, Time: 8:45 AM, Weather: Cloudy and 45 degrees, Location: Meigs County, Ohio

Q: Tell me a little about how you harvested this Buck?

A: I had hunted in Illinois over the previous three years, and had really been looking for a place to hunt closer to home. I had wanted to spend less time on the road and more time in the stand and have the ability to take my son when he wanted to go. After an exhaustive search I finally met a farmer that granted us permission to hunt some very nice property. I was very grateful for the opportunity this farmer had granted my Son and I. Toward the end of October I had my first encounter with a nice buck on this property. This solid buck came in to about 27 yards with very low light and a sketchy shot. It would have been a great buck to harvest but I just did not want to make a bad decision and attempt a risky shot.

Hunter and Deer

A friendly farmer and a little patience paid off in a huge way for Chuck when both led to his encounter with this monster buck.

I was definitely disappointed, but little did I know that this would be a decision that I would live to not regret. The night before my next trip we had tropical force winds with heavy rain. I felt as if this would force the deer to feed and bed later than normal. My guess was right. At about 8:40 that morning my Son sent me a text while I sat in my stand. He was checking to see if I had seen anything and give me a little grief since I made him stay in school and not skip to go hunting. I let him know that I had not seen anything and started to put my phone back in my pocket. As I slowly pulled my hand away from my pocket I noticed a doe in the distance feeding in the bean field.

As I focused on the Doe I noticed some movement twenty yards away. I looked closer and it was a monster buck heading in my direction. I was able to stay calm, but I knew I had been caught off guard and I would not be able to stand and take my normal shot. I slowly grabbed my bow, while drawing it back in one steady motion. As I released the arrow at fifteen yards I knew it was a perfect shot.

Q: What were the Major Factors that helped you harvest this buck.

A: Understanding how the weather patterns affect deer in my area. Having the patience to not rush a shot on the first Buck I saw, because I would have never had a shot at this monster.

Q: Who would you like to thank for help with the harvest of this buck?

A: I want to thank God for giving me the health and ability to do what I love, and blessing me with this awesome buck.

  • Bow: Mathews Outback
  • Broadhead: G5 Striker
  • Camouflage: Realtree
  • Treestand: Muddy
  • Scents: Dead Downwind and Scent Killer


  1. Wes Levy says:

    That is a nice looking buck you've got there. Great call on the weather. Where I hunt it's way to variable to predict something like that. One minute it could be sunny then all of the sudden you'll get snow!


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