Top 5 Tools For Hanging Treestands

By Brodie SwisherAugust 19, 2014

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

We’re pushing summer out and knocking on the doors of deer season. Don’t blink, it’ll be here before you know it. Whether for your pre-season sets, or the stands you’ll run-n-gun with throughout the season, there are a few tools that will help you hang stands safely and more effectively this hunting season.

Hunter Safety System Harness, Lineman’s Belt, & Lifeline 

Hunter Safety SystemTo some it may seem cliché, but treestand safety can never be stressed enough. We’ve likely all pushed our treestand chores past the point of being safe when hanging sets high above the ground. I cringe when I think back on how I’ve monkeyed around in a tree 20’ above the ground…no lifeline…no lineman’s belt…no harness. Ignorance and stupidity collided many times as I’d hang on for dear life with one hand while trying to screw a step into the tree with the other. Now that I’m married and have a truckload of kids, I tend to think about making it back home at the end of the day more clearly. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to be anchored from the moment my feet leave the ground until they return to the ground again.

I’m lumping three tools into one on this first one simply because they all work together as a must-have system for hanging treestands. The new HSS-ULTRA-LITE FLEX harness sets the bar in a light and comfy harness design. Due to its new padded hexagon design, the Flex harness is one of the lightest and most flexible harness to hit the market. The Flex, or another other HSS harness, can be held tight to the tree as you climb with the included Lineman’s climbing strap.  This allows you to safely work with both hands which makes putting up stands entirely safer and easier than doing the monkey-grab.

Once your stand is safely hung the Lifeline can be installed before you leave.  This simple, yet effective, tool keeps you safely anchored from the ground to your stand and back. With the majority of treestand accidents happening during ascent or descent, the Lifeline is literally the missing link in many bowhunters treestand safety system.

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Hand Saw

Wicked Hand Saw
Constructed from cast aluminum and featured a high carbon steel blade the Wicked Tough hand saw may be the last limb trimmer you ever need.  Photo courtesy Wicked Tree Gear.

One item I use more than any other tool throughout my bowhunting season is a folding hand saw. I use it for clearing trails, opening shooting lanes, trimming out trees for my stand and of course a variety of other duties for which it wasn’t designed.  It seems like I use my hand saw every time I step into the woods. My saw of choice is the Wicked Tough Tree Saw from Wicked Tree Gear. I’ve yet to find a saw that even comes close in terms of sharpness and durability. Most of the saws I’ve tried over the years never made it through a full season of abuse before breaking down and ending up in the local landfill. I’m in my third year with the Wicked Tough saw and I won’t hit the woods without it.

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Pole Saw

Wicked Tough Pole Saw
Available in models from 6 ft to 15 ft the Wicked Tough Pole Saw helps you reach those pesky limbs way up in the canopy.

As much as I love my hand saw, there will be plenty of times that I simply need something with more reach. Whether in the treestand or standing on the ground trimming shooting lanes, a quality pole saw is an item every treestand hunter should consider. Following their success with creating the world’s best hand saw, the crew at Wicked Tree Gear set out to design a pole saw to meet the demands of serious treestand hunters. The new Wicked Tough Pole Saw is available in 6’, 12’, and 15’ models. Just like their hand saws the full line of Wicked pole saws are light, compact incredibly durable.

Hooyman 10 ft saw
The Hooyman 10′ extentible saw is a great option for those who want to pack light but still need some extra reach.

Another great pole saw option is the Hooyman 10, which folds down to just 28” making it extremely easy to carry, pack and store. The saw extends to a full 9’7” so it can reach those pesky limbs you can’t quit reach with your hand saw. The Hooyman 10 features a MegaBite high carbon steel blade, I-beam aluminum construction, and In-line design, giving the saw incredible cutting stability, even when fully extended.

Pine Ridge Archery E/Z Up Treestand Pulley System

EZ Up Treestand PulleyMuch of the battle in hanging treestands is the task of getting the stand from the ground to 20 feet high and then securely fastened to the tree. I’ve strapped stands to my back, fished them up with one hand, and pulled plenty of other stunts to get them up in the tree. The E/Z Up Treestand Pulley Styem from Pine Ridge Archery makes this chore much easier. The hoist allows you to quickly and quietly raise your stand into place from the ground, then climb up and fasten it to the tree.. It is the safest way of hoisting a stand into position.

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Hanging treestands can be sweaty, nasty business; especially during the dog days of late summer when you’d much rather be enjoying a dip in the pool.  Mosquitos, gnats, flies and other airborne insects can make matters much worse.  For this reason I never enter the woods during the summer months without my Thermacell handy.  This small device is indispensable for both summer treestand work as well as early season hunts for those of us in Southern climates.  Simply insert a fresh pad containing insect repellent into the appliance, light the butane and stop swatting mosquitos.

ThermacellWhile it may not directly help you hang your treestand the Thermacell can certainly make the job a lot more comfortable.

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Hunt safer and smarter this season when it comes to treestand placement. The previously mentioned gear is just a handful of the incredible tools available to help you do things better when hanging your next treestand set. Check them out, add them to your pack, and stay ahead of the game this season.

Do you have a special tool you never hang treestands without?  If so leave us a comment below!  We’re always looking for feedback to help make our own adventures a little safer and more enjoyable.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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