Blacks Creek Mathews ATV / Truck Bow Transporter

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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Having grown up in the southern mountains of West Virginia, I feel more than qualified to talk about the needs of the mountain bowhunter. One of those needs is bow transportation. With the exploding popularity of UTV’s, and the vast number of bowhunters who utilize ATV’s to access remote hunting areas, the need for safe, reliable, easy transportation of archery gear (specifically the bow) has grown as well. In fact, it is paramount to a successful hunt. After all, if your bow doesn’t survive the trip then what’s the point? Certainly this is true no matter what part of the country you hunt in. Thankfully though, bowhunting manufacturers have recognized this need and have introduced products aimed specifically at those of us who use such means of transportation in and out of our hunting areas; Blacks Creek is one such company.

The Blacks Creek Bow Transporter

One of the best things about this product is that it isn’t simply limited to a guy like me; someone who carries their bow exclusively on an ATV/UTV. The Blacks Creek Bow Transporter can also be used inside of your vehicle. However, the meat and potatoes of this particular item is the ability to safely carry a bow on your ATV.

Blacks Creek Transporter case

The Blacks Creek Bow Transporter allows users to obey game laws (in certain states) by having their bow cased after dark and while on (or in) a motorized vehicle. This is something that ordinary, bow “grips” can’t do.

Bow Friendly Features

Topping the list of highlights on the Mathews ATV / Truck Bow Transporter is durability. This case is made of a 3 layer, Tricot and 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric Construction; making it one of the strongest soft bow cases on the market. This is essential when you consider that the majority of time the case will be attached to an ATV ridding over rough terrain. The typical outcome of that situation is “worn spots” on the bow case from the constant back-and-forth rubbing while traversing uneven terrain. However, due to the materials utilized here I can honestly see many years of use without failure.

The Mathews Logo on case

The outside of the bow case is adorned with my favorite archery logo which adds to the overall style of the product while letting everyone know my bow of choice.

Next up is the Dust Cover Flap that protects your bow while driving; especially if you’re behind another hunter. Most November rut hunts don’t produce a lot of dusty trails. However, the early season, on an ATV, means one thing….dust, and plenty of it! Dust is hard on a bow’s moving parts. Personally, I do my best to keep it and my finely tuned weapon separated. The Dust Flap can do just that. It is connected with adjustable nylon webbing straps; which means you can place your bow inside of the case (with the quiver attached) and cinch it down as tight as you like.

Inside The Case

Mathews shooters will like the attractive Lost Camo pattern found on the inside of the case. Not only that, they will love the ½-inch padding locating on the bottom of the case. This, obviously, provides protection between your bow and whatever it is attached to; ATV, UTV or truck. Two nylon straps can also be found inside the case and ensure that your bow is tightly secure. And, if that isn’t enough, the interior also houses a “pocket” that runs the length of the case and up one side which prevents the bow from moving; providing even more security.

Open Archery Case

Not only is the Mathews ATV/Truck Bow Case attractive, it is also highly functional and does the one thing it was designed to do…protect your bow.

Around Back

Users will find a dual nylon connection straps located on the back of the Transporter. These are used to attach the case to your ATV/UTV or the back of your truck seat. I really like this feature because it eliminates the need to carry a separate case. In the past, I’ve had to carry one case in my vehicle and a separate case for my ATV. Blacks Creek essentially eliminates this conundrum with the simple addition of straps that can easily be detached and reattached; making it the perfect hauling devise for your Mathews bow.

Adjustable Straps on Case

Quality, adjustable straps on the inside and out of the transporter bow case allow you to securely hold your valuable bow rig during the ride into your hunting area.

Final Thoughts

In addition to all of the previously mentioned attributes, I like the fact that this case has no zippers. This allows quick and quiet access to my bow and who are we kidding, zippers eventually fail due to dust and debris; rendering a once great bow case useless. Also, the Transporter comes with a carrying handle and is made in the USA; who doesn’t like that?

Camo Printed Case

Users will like the inside of the case which is padded and covered in Mathews’ exclusive Lost camo pattern.

If I could change one thing about the case it would be to add a small hole to the front which would allow me to store my bow without the need to remove the stabilizer. Now, I will admit I shoot an extra-long stabilizer (12 inches) while most bowhunters opt for a much shorter 5 or 7-inch model; which fits nicely inside. So, in reality my “want” is really not a direct result of a faulty aspect of the case. For general bowhunting rigs this soft case is spot on perfect.


  • 3 layer Tricot and 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric Construction
  • Dust Cover Flap
  • 2 Bow Securing Straps
  • Carry Handle
  • 2 ATV / Truck Seat Attachment Straps
  • Fits Most Mathews Bow Designs
  • MSRP: $99.00
Steve Flores
Steve Flores is a passionate hunter who enjoys chasing mountain whitetails in his native southern WV. Steve credits his love of hunting to his Dad who took the time to introduce him to what has become a life-long obsession....bowhunting for whitetail deer.
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