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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

I remember a time when turkey hunters were few and far between. And the guys that packed a bow instead of a shotgun were a very rare breed. However, those days have come and gone. Turkey hunter numbers continue to grow. And with each passing spring, more and more turkey hunters are swapping out the 12-gauge for a bow and a quiver full of arrows in search of longbeards. Without a doubt, bowhunting turkeys from a ground blind is the most efficient way to punch tags each season. Ground blinds are pure poison on turkeys!

Hunter with Turkey and Blind

Ground blinds present you with the opportunity to go undetected as you draw your bow on a turkey that is mere yards away. I never cease to be amazed at their effectiveness each spring when I come to full draw on a bird that has no clue I’m in the world. So, with those thoughts in mind let’s look at some of the top turkey blinds on the market as we rush towards another spring season of chasing gobblers with a bow.

Big Game Tree Stands Redemption Blind

Big Game Redemption

Big Game Treestands are known for quality construction and ample options for a variety of hunting scenarios. The company continues to build on their stealthy line of products with their new Redemption ground blind. The Redemption ground blind weighs a mere 17.5 lbs., features a shooting width of 77” X 77”, and a standing height of 70”. The blind boasts a total of 12 windows. Quietness is built in with a silent ‘peach-skin’ material for a more soundless hunt, and fitted with reversible shooting windows to give the option of camo or the ‘black-hole’ effect for additional concealment. The blind is constructed of premium, black backed water resistant fabric in Big Game’s Epic camo pattern. Included with the Redemption ground blind is an oversized deluxe carrying tote, nine steel stakes with stake pocket, and includes two gear pockets for extra storage.

ASAT Reaper Blind

ASAT Reaper Blind

The guys at ASAT camo are still producing the same camo pattern they were on day one of business. They are a company that believes they got it right the first time and there is no need to offer a new variety of camo options every few years. Yes, the pattern is uniquely different than other patterns on the market. But don’t let that fool you. The blendability of this pattern is incredible. And it’s no different on their Reaper ground blind.

The pattern on this blind truly blends into the landscape as well as anything I’ve ever seen. The Reaper blind utilizes a leading edge hub system that allows the unit to be set up or taken down in about 30 seconds. The blind features shoot-through windows and has a footprint of 58” square and 80″ in height, allowing hunters to shoot from a standing position. Distance from hub to hub is 72″. The water resistant fabric keeps you warm and dry no matter what the weather brings your way. The blind weighs in at 19lbs.

Primos Double Bull Double-Wide Door Blind

Primos Double Bull Double Wide Door Blind

Double Bull ground blinds set the standard in how a blind should be built. The bar was set very high from the very beginning and other ground blind companies have continued to follow the lead in design and construction of the Double Bull. When Primos acquired Double Bull they immediately began to work on making a great blind even better. How do you make the Double Bull ground blind better? Make it so anyone, of any size, can get into the blind with all their gear.

The new Double Bull Double Wide Door ground blind has a zipperless door for silent entry even with your gear on your back. Equipped with the patented Double Bull hub system, this blind is easy to set up and extremely solid. This blind has the same 180 degree front window that hunters have grown to love. Other features of the Double Wide include: full front view Silent Slide Window adjustment system, poly/cotton canvas with a no sheen finish, SS Hook Blind Windows, Power Hub Framework for incredible strength and durability and no wind flap, and a lifetime warranty. The blind measures 77” Hub to Hub, a height of 70”, and weighs approximately 27 lbs with bag. Primos also offers a number of ground blinds for the budget-minded ground pounder.

Their Blind Luck blind features DuraMatte HD fabric, Silent Slide Hook windows, 180 degree front window, and Brush Deception holders. The Blind Luck hub system allows for quick and easy setup and rock solid stability.

Rhino Outdoors XP-1 Blind

Rhino XP Blind

The guys at Rhino Outdoors took a look around at the ground blind market and set out to build a better blind with features unlike the competition. They wanted a quieter blind and one that would not fade after sitting in the sun. The XP-1 was their answer. With the exception of the shoot-thru mesh window, they have eliminated the Velcro in this blind to keep things whisper quiet when setting up. The fully adjustable 180-degree front window system in this blind consists of a large front panel for great visibility and increased shooting opportunities. Rhino utilizes Predator All Purpose Deception camo on the XP-1 that is enlarged to help bigger objects blend in with their surroundings. The Rhino XP-1 blind is constructed of true 600 denier polyester and is treated to slow down the harmful effects of the sun. The fabric treatment occurs in the printing process and is not just a topical application that does little to prevent fading. Rhino Blinds are treated at the factory to kill the blue white glow caused by optical brighteners applied in the printing process which are easily seen by game animals and birds on untreated blinds. The XP-1 blind features a shooting width of 79”, center height of 71”, and weighs in at 21 lbs.

Ameristep Man Cave Blind

Ameristep Mancave

One of the biggest complaints I hear from “big hunters” is that ground blinds are too restricting and don’t accommodate their oversized frame. Ameristep answered the call for a bigger blind with the introduction of the Bone Collector Man Cave blind for 2014. Ameristep has teamed with Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector to design the largest ground blind on the market, the Man Cave; sporting a huge 72” footprint, 88” of shooting width and 82” of internal vertical height! The blind boasts more than enough space for at least two hunters, chairs, tripods, camera gear, and anything else you might want to bring to the blind to make your hunt more comfortable. The Man Cave is even big enough that hunters can shoot from a standing position as well as seated. But don’t let this enormous blind fool you. It still offers incredible concealment with its Realtree Xtra camo pattern and is very packable for a quick and easy set up when chasing longbeards. The blind weighs just 18 lbs. and features a monstrous 270-degree field-of-view with ample shooting opportunities.

You won’t find a better means of coming to full draw on a wild turkey than with the use of a portable style ground blind. The blinds mentioned above allow for quick setup and take down, keeping you mobile as you make the move on tough toms. Add a ground blind to your arsenal this spring and you’ll no doubt punch more turkey tags with your bow.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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