Timber-Loc Big Game Wall Mounting System

I remember it like it was yesterday. Watching the beast make his way past my stand while in pursuit of a hot doe, coming to full draw and sending an arrow through the largest whitetail I’ve ever laid eyes on. Years of day dreaming, hours and hours of exhausting preparation, endless time spent away from my family, countless dollars spent on gear, hundreds of arrows fired in preparation, stands hung and rehung…..all came down to one shot. Making good on that shot opportunity is one of the proudest moments of my bowhunting career.

So, what did I do after returning home from the taxidermist with my trophy which symbolizes all of the above (and so much more)? I hung it on the wall using nothing more than a .75 cent bracket from the local hardware store! Now, I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent but friends….that’s just plain STUPID. In my defense, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not alone. In fact, every bowhunter I know does the same thing. Yeah, but that doesn’t make it right. Does it? Of course not. Anyway, now that something better has come along I’m out of excuses….and so are you.

Type of Hangers

The old way of hanging trophies on the wall. When you consider everything that goes into a successful hunt why on earth do we choose the cheapest, most unreliable product on the market to hang our success on?

Need For Change

Recently I was approached by a passionate bowhunter, who like me, was tired of hanging his trophies on the wall using a weak, unreliable method. Travis Heffernon is the founder of Timber Creek Outdoors, Inc. and the designer of the Timber-Loc Wild Game Wall Hanging System. When he approached me about his product I was more than happy to give it a try. After all, my current method for hanging my trophies left a lot to be desired.

The Timber-Loc System

This new method for hanging your memories on the wall is essentially a two piece system. It is flush mounting, very safe, super reliable, CNC machined from T6061 aluminum and extremely easy to use. In short, the Timber-Loc Wild Game Wall Hanging System allowed me to hang my trophies on the wall more securely and with more confidence than anything I have ever used. And the best part was the simplicity of installation. There is nothing worse than a product that promises to do great things but then requires an engineering degree to use. Not this time. Nope, even I could do this.

Timber Lok Hanger

Screws in Hanging

The Timber-Loc system includes the mounting plate, wall bracket, and all the mounting hardware you will need for mounting to a stud or dry wall. The only tool special tool required is a 3.5” hole saw to attach the mounting plate to your manikin (game animal mount) backer board.

Impressions Of The Timber-Loc

I absolutely loved this mounting system. Like I said it was super easy to use, but not only that, it provided a very high level of confidence and security. After talking to Travis for a few minutes I soon realized the dangers associated with my old method. A good number of my whitetail mounts hang high above my couch where my family and I sit on a daily basis. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility for one of my children to knock a mount off of the wall. Yes, they are rambunctious. Nevertheless, in the event that would happen, and someone was underneath it, the injury to them could be serious. I don’t even want to think of what a 170 inch whitetail head, falling from 8 feet high, could do to child’s head. So, if anything, the Timber-Loc offers me piece of mind.

In addition, apart from bodily injury to loved ones and friends, there is the risk of permanently damaging your hard earned trophy. What could be worse than watching a main beam snap off after crashing to the floor? Geezzz, I cringe at the thought. But, like so many other bowhunters, I naively hang all of my mounts on the wall the same way….by a thread. Not anymore.

In order to explain how the Timber-Loc system works I felt it would be best to share with you the installation process. This way you can see why I think it is such a good system and if (and when) you decide to try one yourself you will have a reference for installation. Here we go.

Installing The Timber-Loc System

Deer Head

The first step was to take down my mount and find a nice cozy place for it to lie.

The Timber Lok Mounting Plate

Using the Timber-Loc mounting plate, I placed it as near to my existing bracket as possible.

Drawing Outline in Pencil

Next, using a pencil I traced along the outside of the mounting bracket.

Outlined Guide

After tracing the dimensions of the mounting plate I found the center of the outlined box and made a mark. This would be the entry point for the 3.5” hole saw used to create the hole for the mounting plate.

Drilling Section Out

Finished Drilled Circle

Taking the 3.5” hole saw I simply sawed out a circle for the back section of the mounting plate to drop into.

Pry out circle

Next, I took a flathead screw driver and pried the cut backer board away from the foam manikin underneath.

Circle Now Removed

This revealed the hole in which the back side of the mounting plate would drop into.

Placing in Mounting Plate

Next, I placed the mounting plate in the hole and attached it with the included 4-1” #10 mounting plate screws. This completed the installation process on the actual deer mount.

Origional Hanging Srew

The new mount

Next, I removed my sorry excuse for a wall attachment and replaced it with the Timber-Loc wall bracket.

NOTE: The mounting screw I was currently using was “sagging” and was easily removed using just my fingers.

The wall mount

In this image you can see the manner in which the mounting plate and the wall bracket attach to one another. This system, while allowing for rotational adjustment, will not allow the bracket and the mounting plate to disengage from one another.

The Trophy Mounted

Next, I simply slid the mounting plate over the wall bracket and dropped my trophy into place. Instantly secure!

Sticker for Records

Lastly, the Timber-Loc system comes with a cool, die-cut sticker that allows the hunter to record the information pertaining to that specific trophy. It’s a great way to keep records on the back of each mount for future generations to enjoy and reflect back on.

Author’s Note: Timber Creek Outdoors is in the final stages of RD for a bracket designed specifically for wall pedestal mounts such as elk and other big game where the bulk of the weight is “off-center” and further away from the wall.

Key Features:

  • Timber-Loc Wild Game Wall Mounting System for taxidermy shoulder mounts
  • Made in the USA
  • Patented by the US Patent Office as a new and useful invention
  • Website offers online store and informative product demonstration videos
  • 2 piece mounting system
  • CNC machined from T6061 aluminum
  • Can be used on current mounts or future trophies
  • Easily hang taxidermy shoulder mounts
  • Mounting system securely flush mounts taxidermy shoulder mounts to the wall
  • Die cut sticker that allows the hunter record the information pertaining to that specific trophy. Record keeper/hunting chronicle
  • Die cut sticker mounts on the inside of the mounting plate pocket
  • Keeps records on the back of each mount for future generations to enjoy and reflect back on
  • Complete hardware package provided with each mount
  • Meets many unmet needs in the outdoor industry
  • The Timber-Loc creates a 360 degree compression across the entire back of the taxidermy mount
  • Eliminates pulling and leaning from the old style hangers
  • Large mount comes with stackable wall bracket shims. This allows the hunter to customize the wall bracket offset for specific hide thicknesses to create that tight 360 degree compression fit.
  • Mounting systems come in 3 sizes: driftwood mount, medium game mount (deer), and large game mount


  1. Charles Brackish says:

    Looks like a nice product but I have over 20 deer on my wall and never had an issue hanging one with a nail into the stud or a regular drywall anchor. Best as I can recall none of my friends have ever had a problem with theirs either.

    • Will this work on plaster walls?

  2. Jason Rule says:

    Great article! I have only had one deer drop off of my wall. Thankfully it landed on my couch, no one was hurt (neither was the rack:) But after seeing it happen, it scared the living sh%t out of me. I have just ordered 4 of these and look forward to getting them.

  3. Billybob says:

    Charles you hit it dead on! Not like a big nail or screw won't hold a mount up. Amazing the greedy money making business men on this site!

  4. Dave H. says:

    Greedy money makers? Are you kidding? I suppose you still hunt with a recurve and wood arrows because every other invention was made simply out of greed and a lust for money?
    Nice product in my opinion.

  5. Charles B says:

    Billybob, I wouldn't say the people who run this site are greedy. They are simply reporting on a new product. If there is a demand for that product then great for them. I still think I'm going to stick with my nails though.

  6. I am a taxidermist and use the same 5 position hanger in the first picture and have never had a mount fall. If it is put on right you will not have a problem.

  7. To each their own. I myself have never had a mount fall off the wall……….I just make sure to use a good-size anchor and screw, and not let anybody hang on it.

  8. To each their own is right. I think that after months, sometimes years of planning hunting trips, money in gear and time spent practicing and dreaming of a successful hunt. The last thing you would do is get the cheapest thing you can find to display your trophy. There is a great peace of mind with this product and I know that my mounts will stay on the wall.
    Thanks Timber-Loc, great product!!

  9. Kerry Kruep says:

    As the Article points out, these are easy to install, safe and made of a quality durable material. This is simply the most SECURE Game mount you will ever see or ever need. Well worth the minimum investment! Here is just one of the great benefits to this universal mounting system. If I wanted to re-range my mounts all I have to do is lift them off the wall and move them to a previous mount location! I have them on all my prized mounts!

  10. Chip P says:

    This is an Amazing product. I happened upon these at the Iowa White Tail Classic. I was needing to find something to eliminate the worry of a Corsican Ram falling off the wall again. The mount is resting between two doors and the one door sees a lot of heavy traffic and the usual kids in and out that can not be avoid. I digress though. I saw these and it sparked my interest. I spoke with the owner/designer of the product Travis H. He was extremely helpful. After explaining to him what I have going on with the current location of the mount and I was concerned the old fashioned picture frame mounting style would allow The Ram to fall off of the wall. I purchased one went home and tried the product out. It was extremely easy to install with simple house tools. I installed the wall knob and slid the knob into the pocket and Voila mount was installed and secure.With a simple twist side to side I leveled the Trophy with ease. I let the kids and family slam the door and bang it around as a

  11. Ed berch says:

    Can you hang a moose head with these???

  12. Geno Clemans says:

    Need Large Game Mounts for African Plains Trophies.

  13. Will this work for a elk mount?
    It fell off the wall but seems to be ok.

  14. Elaine Rosick says:

    How do I order? For an elk ?

  15. s.j. pollard says:

    Need one for an large shoulder mounted Rocky Mountain elk. Where do I get ordering information?

  16. For some of you the old way would work just fine, but I have a 15ft Vaulted wall/ceiling and these would make the job of hanging my mounts much easier and safer! Don’t badmouth a good product as being influenced by GREED just because you don’t like change! Some of us can definitely use this great product!

  17. We’re can you get these m hangers in pa I hunted for 20 years and got a 8 point this year finally don’t want him to hit the floor

  18. Mike Cornett says:

    When will the Timber-Loc units be back in stock ? I have a beautiful African Impala to hang in my home office. I Shot him last year at 200 Yards + with a 416 Rigby.
    40 caliber and over is required in many African Nations.


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