New Stealth Cam G30 Trail Camera Review

By Justin ZarrFebruary 18, 20144 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Stealth Cam Green 35 mm cameraFor many hunters and trail cam junkies like myself the name Stealth Cam can elicit a variety of responses.  Many of us fondly remember the early days of trail camera technology and the tried and true “green cameras” that adorned tree sides worldwide.  I’m not sure quite how many of those green 35mm Stealth Cams were sold over the years, but I believe they may have kept more than a few 1 hour photo developers in business.  Chances are most of you reading this article right now either owned one yourself or know someone who did.

With the advent of digital photography, and its quick conquering of the film market, Stealth Cam continued to pioneer much of the technology that today is considered standard on most game cameras.  Features such as HD video with audio, multi-picture burst and 3-in-1 technology (still photos, videos, time lapse) were first introduced to the market by none other than Stealth Cam. 

Now in 2014, Stealth Cam has launched a new series of trail cameras that is set to eclipse any of their previous offerings.  And we’re here to give you an exclusive first look at them.

The new “G” series trail cameras are available in 2 models; the G42NG and the G30.  Although there are several differences in these two cameras the primary distinctions are megapixels, flash range and LED type.  The G42NG features 42 black LED emitters which offer a 100 foot flash range at night with no glow (hence the NG moniker) where the G30 features 30 standard IR emitters which will give off a faint red glow and provide up to 80 foot flash range.  The G42NG also sports a 10 megapixel resolution while the G30, which we’re focusing on today, takes pictures up to 8 megapixels.

Stealth Cam G30 trail camera
In addition to a new camera design you’ll also find a new logo and all new packaging on 2014 Stealth Cam trail cameras which makes them easy to identify.

Stealth Cam G Series comparison
The new G30 (right) next to last year’s Unit X OPS (left).  The new G series is not only smaller but features a more modern design.

Stealth Cam G Series inside cover
Under the hood of the new G series you’ll find an improved user interface with easy to program settings and the handy Quickset feature which is explained later in this review.

Now when we say these cameras are “new” we don’t mean they simply slapped a new cover on the front of an old camera and changed the name.  The G Series trail cameras are 100% new from the ground up.  There isn’t a single piece that is carried over from previous Stealth Cam models which has allowed GSM Outdoors to create cameras that are built for a single purpose, and that is performance.

These G series cameras are packed full of so many features it would take a few more pages to detail them all so here’s a quick synopsis of what could quite possibly be the best bang for your trail cam buck in 2014.  The new G30 retails for just $159.99 while the G42NG sells for $189.99.

  • Quickset option – the G Series cameras come pre-configured with 3 different Quickset options for easy setup.  These are the most popular configurations for either photo or video settings which means you spend less time pushing buttons and more time hunting.  My personal preference is Quickset #1 at 8 mp still images, 3 picture burst, 30 second time out.  Done!

Stealth Cam Quickset feature
Simply select your Quickset option of choice using the sliding control and the G30 will report back to you what the exact settings are before activating.  For custom options simply choose “Custom” and enter your own settings for still or video quality, number of shots per trigger, trigger timeout period and more.  A new backlit LED display makes this task simple in low light or dark conditions.

  • TRIAD Technology – takes still images, HD video with audio or time lapse photos with PIR override.  This means if the camera is in time lapse mode and an animal walks by between photos it will trigger.
  • HD video with audio.  You simply cannot beat an HD video of a buck working a scrape or grunting at a doe during the rut.
  • Retina technology – a more sensitive sensor allows the G series cameras to take higher quality images in low light
  • Matrix blur reduction – reduces annoying “motion blur” that is common amongst IR trail cameras at night.
  • Reflex sub-1 second trigger speed.  No more missed shots or the dreaded “deer’s butt” photos.

Stealth Cam SD card slot
The new G Series cameras feature easy access to the SD card for quick in-field changes.

Now a couple other things you may not see on Stealth Cam’s feature list that, to me, are huge improvements over previous Stealth cam models.

  • Upgraded brass insert for tripod-mount.  As a guy who uses a lot of trail camera stands like the Stic-N-Pic I appreciate a solid and secure tripod mount.  This one certainly isn’t going anywhere.

Stealth Cam tripod mount screw
Improved mounting screw?  Thanks, Stealth Cam!

  • Cable lock/bungee cord slot.  Being able to fish either a Python lock or a round bungee-type cord through the back of the camera case is very convenient.

Stealth Cam G Series cable lock mount
A circular slot in the back of the new G Series cameras allows for use of a cable lock to secure your camera, or even a round bungee style cord for hunters on the run (bungee not included).

  • Removable battery tray.  I love this feature!  Instead of fumbling around trying to stick batteries in your cameras while they’re mounted to the side of a tree you can simply remove the battery tray, replace your spent batteries, and reinsert the tray.  G series cameras run on 8 AA batteries.

Stealth Cam Battery TrayA removable battery tray makes swapping out batteries in the field much easier.  However with improved battery life up up to 1 year you may be replacing batteries less than ever before…

With all of that said, the true test for these new cameras is going to come from field use over time.  I recently deployed my first G30 this past weekend and will be eagerly awaiting my first card pull in just under a week.  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on both the quality of images I get as well as the battery life so stay tuned to this blog for updates as the winter hopefully gives way to spring (anytime now!!).

Stealth Cam mounted in tree
My all new G30 trail cam has been deployed on a well used last season trail leading to a primary food source.  Now we wait anxiously for photos to see how well it will perform.

Stealth Cam sample picture
A quick test showed the new camera is working.  To date the only thing it hasn’t done is make me look thinner or better looking.  


Stealth Cam G30 Sample Photo
The first visitors showed up just more than 24 hours after the G30 was set out.

Stealth Cam G30 Sample Photo
Even in the driving snow this camera took great night time images.

Stealth Cam G30 Sample Photo
Apparently this little button buck was still feeling a bit frisky!

Stealth Cam G30 Sample Photo
Trigger speed looks great on this new camea.  It managed to capture these 3 does after they were spooked and ran past at full speed.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the G Series trail cameras from Stealth Cam, or to purchase them online visit

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