Stephanie Brown Bear

Details of the Hunt:  Date:  October 1, 2010, Time of Day: 1:12 pm, Location:  Saline County, Arkansas,  Weather – Rain Showers

Q:  Tell me what happened when the Bear was killed? A:  We arrived well before daylight in the pouring rain with a forecast of showers all day. This was a welcomed relief to the normal Arkansas heat and humidity. After seeing nothing by noon, my husband asked me if I wanted to get down and grab a sandwich at the truck. I told him no. I knew if we could hold out until the rain stopped, the bears would move. At about 12:30 the rain stopped and the action started. I heard a noise in the thicket and I noticed a nice bear moving in my direction. He cautiously moved closer and presented me with a perfect shot.


Despite Mother Nature’s reluctance to cooperate, the author stayed put and was rewarded with her first ever black bear.

As I drew my arrow back, I felt the rain start to beat off the bill of my hat like a tin roof. I started to settle my pin on the bear, but without warning, the bear spooked and bolted into the thicket. I kept my bow at full draw and waited. Slowly but surely he eased back into my shooting-lane. I had been holding at full draw for what seemed like an eternity before he presented me with another opportunity. By this time my arm was tired and I just could not get my pin to steady itself. As I released the arrow I watched in disappointment as the arrow just shaved a little hair off of his back. I was devastated. I had just blown my shot.

BROWN2Trail cameras not only help hunters see what is in the area, but they also provide motivation to stay when the weather or other circumstances try to force you out of a treestand. Know a certain animal is nearby can make you sit when you really want to leave.

For the next ten minutes my missed opportunity replayed in my mind like a really bad movie….that was until I caught some movement in the thicket again. All the disappointment disappeared as the determination to kill my first Black Bear with a bow took over. Two more bears were on their way in. The biggest bear would not come out of the thicket so I decided to take the smaller of the two. I drew my bow back, and drilled the bear right where it counted. It did not take long before we  heard the “death roar” and we were thankful for that because it began to rain again and the blood trail was washed away. We went to where we last heard the bear and found him stone dead. I was truly proud of my first Arkansas Black Bear with a Bow.

Q: What were the major factors that helped you harvest this Bear? A: Patience for sure! I wanted to get down and go eat something. But I knew if I could wait until the rain slacked up, the bears would move!

Q: Anyone you would like to thank, for their help with this harvest? A: My loving husband, Jeremiah, for all his time and dedication baiting and scouting out the best place to hunt bears.

Equipment List:

Bow = Hoyt TrykonBroadheads = G5 StrikerArrows = Beman ICS 400Camouflage = Mossy OakTreestand = SummitScents = Sent Eliminating ClothingClothing = Scent Lok and Silver MaxOther = Covert Game CamerasBoots = Lacrosse boots

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