Under Armour Ridge Reaper Television Show

Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper follows Jason Carter and the Under Armour team as they hunt down the biggest game in western North America. Joining Jason will be Kip Fulks, Bryan Offutt and Koby Fulks. Together they will test their bodies and their gear while hunting in the most extreme conditions, under the harshest environments, all in an effort to harvest some of the largest big-game animals found in the vast and open expanses of western North America. With an “over the shoulder” approach to capturing the hunt on film, there are no scripted scenes as each cameraman must keep up and record the hunt as it unfolds in real time. Ridge Reaper is poised to be the definitive western big-game outdoor hunting show as it premiers Monday July 1, 2013 at 11pm exclusively on the outdoor channel.



  1. jim gallion says:

    just watched your hunting show where you guys were hunting antelope and watched you take a 350 yrd shot and killed the antelope that was on top of a hill, not bashing you in anyway, just glad no one was over that hill fishing that stream in the background or anything it was a nice antelope but not worth the risk.


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