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Boone and Crockett officials confirmed that they’ve received a score sheet from an Indiana buck that could threaten the mark for the largest hunter-killed non-typical whitetail of all time. The buck, shot on Nov. 17, 2012, in Huntington County, Ind, is rumored to have scored 309-7/8 inches. Currently, the largest nontypical whitetail shot by a hunter was killed by Tony Lovstuen near Albia, Iowa, in 2007. That buck scored 307-5/8 inches. B&C also recognizes found or “picked up” heads; the world record is an Ohio buck that measured 333-7/8 inches.

Though B&C has received a score sheet from a veteran, official measurer, they’re waiting to view pictures and a video tape of the rack to confirm the buck was scored properly. Measuring a non-typical, particularly one of this size and caliber, can be a complicated process. B&C officials would review the tape before affirming the scoring process was correct, and the buck would still have to be panel-scored before an official proclamation was made.


Only time will tell if this massive rack becomes the new World-Record non-typical.

Regardless of the buck’s final B&C standings, this is one humongous whitetail. The folks at B&C did confirm that the buck has 13-inch brow tines, and the gross nontypical score is 319 inches. Of course it’s important to be cautious here. If the recently-concluded King Buck Saga taught us anything, it’s that one measurer’s interpretation of the scoring manual isn’t necessarily correct. And scoring the King buck was a veritable walk in the park compared to putting a tape to a massive non-typical rack like this one. That said, B&C is taking a long, hard look at this Hoosier State giant. Stay tuned for updates on this incredible buck.


  1. DPOPWELL says:

    They could have put a playing card, iPhone or something next to the rack so that the size could be put in perspective

  2. The world record 333" "picked up" buck is not from Ohio. The Hole in the Horn buck (328") was from Ohio. The Missouri Monarch, is the buck that scored 333", and is the current Boone

  3. well my guess would be 6" tile flooring making that monster roughly 24" outside spread impressive. !


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