Mathews 2014 Retailer Show Recap

By Tracy BreenDecember 20, 20132 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Every December, I head to Wisconsin to check out the latest gear at the Mathews Archery Retailer Show. While I walk the floor, I am always on the lookout for new equipment that bowhunters everywhere will want to get their hands on. This year, I found some neat Lost Camo accessories and a few cool new archery products. Check them out below.

If you have bowhunted much, you have probably been busted by a buck while reaching for your bow. Third Hand Archery has a neat bow holder that comes in Lost Camo. It can be placed almost anywhere on your treestand. This simple, effective device makes getting your bow in your hand at the moment of truth quick and easy. Third Hand also makes a hip clip that can hold your bow at your side while in the treestand, on the range, or walking in the woods.

Third Hand

Third Hand

The Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrow is extremely popular and is about to become even more popular with Mathews Archery Fans. The Maxima Red is now available in a Mathews Edition. The Mathews Edition features the Lost Camo logo and a cool looking red colored Lost Camo. The Maxima Reds are known for being super tough and accurate thanks to their innovative multiple spine technology which allows them to control the dynamic spine of the arrow.  For you non-technical folks, that helps them be more accurate even when using fixed blade broadheads.  Learn more at

 Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrow

Lenny Rezmer from Carbon Express shows off the new Maxima RED Lost Camo edition.

Pine Ridge Archery showed off their new Nitro Vane at the 2014 Mathews Retailer Show. The 2-inch Nitro Vane is available in a variety of exciting colors and comes with some unique features like a rounded leading edge that makes the vane more aerodynamic which reduces overall drag for superior flight. In addition the NItro vane is easy to glue to arrow shafts thanks to the micro glue pockets that hold the glue while the vane is drying. To find out more, visit

Nitro Vane

Jim Broberg from Pine Ridge Archery holds a blown up version of the new Nitro Vane.

Sometimes the greatest inventions are the simple ones. One simple product that could shrink your arrow groups is the Steady Form Torque Eliminator. This device screws into the stabilizer hole on the back of your riser. After it is set up, it keeps your arm perfectly aligned when you are at full draw, thus eliminating bow torque, which will likely shrink your groups. The Steady Form comes in Lost Camo, is simple, effective and inexpensive. 

Steady Form

Steady Form Torque Eliminator

Everybody knows that deer have a sniffer that is second to none which is why many bowhunters wear Scent-Lok.  Their Carbon Alloy technology features a unique combination of activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite which helps contain your odor while in the field.  The new Full Season Velocity suit, seen below, offers stretch-fit scent sealing cuffs that keep odor inside and deliver extreme comfort.  Now available in Lost Camo, the Full Season Velocity suit is sure to be a hit with serious bowhunters everywhere.


Scent-Lok’s Nick Andrews seen here with the new Full Season Velocity suit in Lost Camo.

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