By Bowhunting ContributorAugust 8, 2013

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Written by contributor Gary Elliot.

I am not a person that likes to shoot my bow with a quiver on simply because it adds weight to my setup and a lot of times it only creates more noise. When it comes to purchasing a quiver it is often said that if you take your quiver off go cheap and if you keep your quiver on spend the money. In my opinion, for under $80.00 you can have the best of both worlds…. light and quiet.

I am talking about the new TruGlo Tru-Tec 3 arrow quiver. This 9.1 ounce quiver is made of lightweight aluminum and has a rubber hood insert which helps reduce noise and vibration without dulling your broadheads.  The installation of the Positive-Lock mounting bracket is quick and simple and lends to one hand removal. Like some of the new sights, the Tru-Tec quiver also has the Tru-Touch soft feel and I believe this technology does help with sound and vibration dampening as well. The quiver is for either right or left handed bows and of course the 3 Arrow quiver only holds 3 arrows with fixed or mechanical heads. One really neat feature of this quiver is the ability to use either a TruGlo or Apex Gear light which is not included. It screws into the back of the hood giving you added visibility in low light conditions.


TRUGLO’S new TRU-TEC quiver comes with a patent pending POSITIVE-LOCK mounting bracket that secures the quiver to the bow and reduces unwanted noise from a loose-fitting quiver.


The TRU-TEC is also available in a 5 arrow model and comes in black as well as various camo patterns including Mathews LOST.

After mounting the Tru-Tec and shooting it, I found it did not affect my shooting at all and for the most part I didn’t even know it was there except for seeing it mounted on my bow. I didn’t feel vibration or hear my arrows making noise during the shot either. As a result, I am now NOT totally against shooting with a quiver on. While other quivers hold 5 arrows or more, I only take three. So, this quiver does fit my requirements for shooting with a quiver on except for one thing….I don’t have to spend a $100.00 or more to buy it.

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