The Grand National Glory Film

By Tracy BreenJune 10, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Hunting and the celebration of the sport is not often expressed in the main stream media.  Besides Duck Dynasty, hunting sports rarely go mainstream.  That could possibly change in the near future.  A group of individuals in Minnesota are producing a documentary film titled “Grand National Glory.”  This film would highlight the Grand National turkey call making competition that takes place every year at the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

The film will highlight the art of custom turkey calls and the three call makers who are entering their creations into the competition.  The beauty of this film is it will celebrate turkey call making, tell the story of turkey hunting, the NWTF and heritage behind the grand sport of turkey hunting. I’m certain that many of you reading this chase turkey with a bow or a gun each spring and some of you hunt them in the fall.  This film will take a close look at the folk art of call making and the grand bird we all love to chase: the wild turkey.


The film is being produced by some of the top documentary film makers in the country.   Well-known outdoor writer, JJ Reich has been involved in the film.  JJ currently pens a call column for the NWTF Turkey Country Magazine.  As you can imagine, funding a film like this one requires some serious cash.  Check out their website at to take a look at some of the calls they are auctioning or to buy merchandise.  Whether or not you buy a new call, be on the look-out for the film in the near future and support it by watching.  The hunting heritage is slipping away.  This film is one way for the voice of hunters to be heard.

Tracy Breen
Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. Over the past twenty years, he has been able to hunt and fish all over North America. Tracy was born with cerebral palsy and often writes and speaks about overcoming physical obstacles, chasing dreams and living life to the fullest. Tracy writes for a wide array of publications including Outdoor Life, New Pioneer, North American Whitetail, Buckmasters, Petersen’s Bowhunting and Bowhunting World to name a few. Tracy resides in Michigan with his wife, Angie and their two boys Thane and Hendrik.
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