Stack-On Buck Commander Gun and Bow Cabinet

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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

After spending upwards of a thousand dollars or more on your bow-rig, it only stands to reason that you find a safe and secure place to store it. Thankfully, the folks at Stack-On feel the same way and thus created the Buck Commander Gun and Bow Cabinet. Available in hammertone black and silver finish and featuring the Buck Commander logo on the front, the Gun & Bow storage unit  is not a safe but an all steel constructed cabinet with a three point steel locking system and double bitted, key coded lock for a very secure cabinet.

Stack-On Buck Commander Bow Safe

The Buck Commander cabinet measures 21”W X 18”D X 55”H and will store two compound bows and 8 rifles or shotguns measuring up to 54” in height. The inside has a full length top shelf for storage and custom foam arrow storage on the inside of the door which will hold up to 12 arrows. The bow side is lined with dense foam for protecting your bows. Total weight of the cabinet is just over 80 lbs.; which means it can be easily moved to your location of choice. Included with the cabinet are 4 lag screws and washers which will allow you to secure the unit to your wall or floor. There is also an extra bow hanger that is easily installed on the outside to place your bow (or crossbow) while you are getting ready to head out hunting for the day.

The Stack-On Buck Commander Gun and Bow Cabinet is a very nice way to store your favorite bow (or gun) without emptying your wallet.

I found this cabinet to be of better quality than I first anticipated. When you open the door or close it you do not get that wobble that you get with the cheap metal cabinets/. And, when you shut it, it has a nice solid sound to it; most likely due to the lined interior. The cabinet is also approved by the California Department of Justice as meeting their standards for firearm safety which means, if you are looking for security for your firearms this cabinet is worth your time. My bows hang nicely and securely in it and again are protected by the lined interior.


If you need a little extra storage room, Stack-On can help with an extra “Gear Cabinet” that mounts nicely to the top of the Bow Cabinet. 

Pricing seems to vary greatly on the web so look around and check pricing. I have seen it as low as $190.00 and as high as $300.00 dollars. Also, if you need more storage you may want to check out the Buck Commander Gear Cabinet that mounts to the top giving you an added 21”W X 18”D X 18”H of storage. The storage cabinet has one removable steel shelf and fastening hardware is included as well. Check out these and other great storage ideas at

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