Gear Review: Moose Utility Big Horn Rear Rack Bag

By Steve FloresApril 15, 2013

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

If you’ve spent very much time on an ATV accessing your favorite stand locations then you probably understand the love/hate relationship that comes with cargo racks, ratchet straps and bungee cords. In some cases (rare) everything that you are taking with you into the timber will strap down perfect and doesn’t move during the entire trip. Other times (often), you must stop every hundred yards or so in order to re-tighten something, rearrange gear and equipment that has shifted due to bumpy terrain, or turned completely around and searched for something that has fallen off.

On top of all of this, it always seems like disaster strikes at the most inopportune time; like when you’re heading out in the pre-dawn darkness to your favorite stand and you’re running a few minutes late. As a result of these routine occurrences I have often considered rolling my ATV off the side of a steep West Virginia hillside. However, that isn’t a realistic option and since I can’t rightly afford to replace it with a new, more convenient side-by-side, I’ve done the next best thing….discovered a better way to carry all of my gear while on an ATV.

The Answer
Over the years, I’ve often thrown my bowhunting paraphernalia into various bags and then strapped the bags to my ATV. And while that does work to some degree, protecting and accessing my equipment was typically a nightmare. Mainly because the bags offered little in protection and when I needed something it never failed to be buried at the bottom of my bag. Thus, everything had to be removed in order to locate one item, or worse, it would be found broken or damaged at the end of a long hunt or ride. Well, I can say with confidence that those days are gone. The Big Horn Rear Rack Bag by Moose Utility offers hunters a better way to arrange, protect, and transport all of their gear.


With an overabundance of storage options, Moose Utility has developed the perfect carrying system for all of your hunting gear…..The Big Horn Rear Rack Bag.

The Big Horn Rear Rack Bag is a premium cargo system with riveted straps and carrying handles that turns your ATV into a cargo-hauling dream machine. Measuring 34″ L x 20.5″ W x 11″ H, the Big Horn is constructed of only the finest materials which are combined to create a rugged, water-resistant fabric case (available in black or Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage) which resists the elements and cleans up easily with a damp cloth.

The bag is very ridged and mounts easily to your ATV’s rear rack; mounting straps and detailed instructions are included. On top of the bag is a tough, oversized zip-top flap which provides easy access to a large storage compartment underneath. Not only can you haul a load of traditional gear inside, the insulated storage bag can also double as a cooler which is great for keeping food and drink hot or cold during early spring and summer scouting sessions, or any other time temperature is a concern. (ATV parts and accessories)

Inside the bag you will find movable internal storage dividers, a key clip, and two zippered mesh pockets. This feature allows you to customize the way you store and access your cargo; much better than simply throwing everything into one bag. The Big Horn also has 2 internal mesh storage pockets (one with a security zipper), that help you further organize your cargo.


Special dividers inside the Big Horn can be repositioned; allowing you to customize the storage arrangement to fit your needs.

On the outside, an external loop system allows you to easily strap additional cargo to the bag. This can include but is not limited to a bow, gun, extra jacket, rain gear, shovels, treestand, etc.) In addition, 4 outside pockets, a key clip, and an elastic cord provide security and allow quick access to riding apparel, game calls, decoys, navigation systems, water, or anything else you can think of. And, if that isn’t enough storage space, the Big Horn also comes with 3 additional mesh storage pockets on the outside of the bag.


There is literally a pocket, pouch, or place for everything in the Big Horn Rear Rack Bag. The only thing left to do is fill it up with goodies!

I found the Big Horn Rear Rack Bag very easy to install. In fact, within minutes it was adorning my beloved ATV. And, with the form fitting design, I didn’t have to worry about it getting in my way, or making me uncomfortable by taking up valuable seat space. In short, I hardly knew it was there. While my mind salivated at the thought of all of the whitetail gear I could throw inside this thing, I couldn’t help but think about the upcoming turkey season and how effective and efficient this one piece of equipment could make me. Immediately I began to gather up my “Gobbler Gear” and play with various gear arrangements. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. (ATV tires)


Not only is gear protected from the elements while inside the Big Horn Rear Rack Bag, “scent-conscious” bowhunters will like the idea that their clothing doesn’t have to be exposed to a barrage of foreign odors while riding to and from stand sites.

When you chase spring turkey in tough terrain like me (or anywhere for that matter) you have to be mobile. In some cases you have to travel fast, over rough terrain, in order to maximize your chances of finding a hot bird. The Big Horn bag will allow me to move fast and access my gear even faster once a bird has been located. Best of all, my bow doesn’t have to be buried beneath a lot of other gear, or even worse, ride next to the unforgiving, aluminum cargo racks of my ATV. Instead, it can ride safely atop the Big Horn Bag. 

In addition to clothing and other gear, I feel confident that many of the tools I use to film my hunts will be protected inside this bag as well. Delicate, yet expensive, camera equipment and tripods will fit neatly and comfortably inside with little worry about losing them or crushing them with straps or bungee cords. Part of the problem with straps and bungee cords is the fact that in an effort to hold everything down tightly, you also end up damaging gear by either the actual compression of the straps, or from friction against the cargo rack itself while riding. Either way, you eventually defeat the purpose….which is to protect your gear. This system eliminates all of that. (MOOSE ATV Spreader)


While the Big Horn functions amazingly, it also looks ultra-cool on my ATV. Neat, stylish protection that also carries my Mathews Creed….what more could a guy need?

Final Thoughts
On the surface this may seem like just another gear bag. However, if like me, your ATV is your primary means of accessing remote locations, or even riding to the other end of the farm and back, then you understand how important it is to have a system that allows you to safely carry all of your gear with you. After all, if the things you trust to make you successful in the field or the stand don’t survive the trip then what is the point?

There is no question that the Big Horn Rear Rack Bag will be the main method I use to carry all of my gear; from spring turkey to fall whitetails—and everything in between. Try one out for yourself. I promise your days of dealing with bungee cords and ratchet-straps will be over. Mine are.

Steve Flores
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