Gear Review: HipBone Bow Holder

By Bowhunting ContributorFebruary 13, 20131 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Written by Contributor Gary Elliott.

Tactical Archery Systems is dedicated to providing high quality advanced products and when I received the HipBone I was even more convinced of that fact. This innovative bow holder is designed from polymer plastic and weighs only 3 ounces. The bracket that mounts to your bow weighs only 1.2 ounces which I hardly noticed when I attached it to my bow. Furthermore, it did not affect my shooting in any way.


The HipBone is perfect for the stalking bowhunter or anyone else who wants to keep their bow close at hand without actually holding it.

Assembly of the ball and socket designed holder was easy. Simply mount the HipBone bracket to your sight holes that are already provided on the outside of your current bow sight. Then, mount the ball and tightened the screw down. The ball has steel inserts which provide long lasting durability and does not allow the screw to strip out over time. Secure the clip onto your belt or waist strap of your back pack and off you go. Installation of the HipBone is a piece of cake as you can see in this sequence of photos.

hb 1

This is what it will look like when attached to the clip. Of course, the clip will be attached somewhere to your hip.


The HipBone attaches easily over your existing sight requiring nothing more than an Allen head wrench.

hb 3

Once the brace arm is in place, you simply attach the ball to the end of the arm. This ball will then attach to the socket that clips onto your belt.


Here is the unit after final assembly. Nice, neat and out of the way.

One of the nice things about this bow holder is that your string is not being used in order to hold the bow which can wear and fray your string or D-loop.  In addition, if you have purchased the TAS Delta Rail tactical Stabilizer you can attach another ball that is provided and screw it into the end of the tactical stabilizer (or any stabilizer that has a female connection) and then clip on your hip piece.  No need to attach the bracket to your bow. The ball with a metal screw weighs only 1 ounce.

hb 4

Same “ball and socket” principle applied to the front of the stabilizer.

hb 5

The HipBone gives you the option to mount the holder to your sight bracket or the front of your stabilizer…as shown in the series of images above.

The HipBone has a matte black finish so there is no need to worry about game-spooking glare that could grab the attention of potential prey. It is fully compatible with all bows and allows for hands free use of optics while stalking. Even tournament shooters can enjoy using the HipBone to hold their bow in between targets in order to keep shooting muscles fresh and relaxed.

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