Gear Review: White Rhino 360 Heated Bow Grip

By Todd GrafFebruary 4, 20131 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

This past season I had the pleasure of not only testing this product in the cold, late-season months of December, but I also shot a nice buck with it too. I first learned of the White Rhino 3600 Heated Grips at the 2012 Mathews Retailer show. I was immediately impressed with the technology and design of the product and decided to see how it could handle some late season bowhunting. I wasn’t disappointed with its performance as I took my final buck of the year in some bitter cold conditions. This hunt can be seen in its entirety here….–2012/episode-24-late-season-success_2627.

My ability to withstand the elements and ultimately wait until the deer was on their feet and feeding had a lot to do with staying warm and comfortable. Without a doubt, having warm hands played into my longevity in the stand.
While other heated grips fall short the 360° coverage area of the White Rhino keeps your whole hand protected from the frigid, heat robbing characteristics of the riser. This grip puts the heat where it is needed most–your bare hand! The White Rhino is an exclusive Mathews product that is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion 11.1VDC battery that provides 2.2 Hours of continuous on-time. In addition, an optional 5 hour battery is currently being worked on and is due to be released soon.

On top of all of this, installation of the White Rhino 3600 was fairly simple and easy. However, unlike other heated grips that may add a heated strip over top of your existing grip, this one totally replaces the standard grip on your Mathews bow. Below is a brief visual tutorial of my experience installing the White Rhino grip.


Here is the complete unit before the installation.



First, I removed the grip from my Mathews Creed using a hairdryer to soften the adhesive that holds it to the riser.


Next, installation of the White Rhino 3600 Heated Grip took only a few minutes to complete.


After installing the grip, I attached the lightweight battery pack to the side of the riser (which in my opinion didn’t affect the overall balance of my bow).

This is the finished look of the White Rhino. As you can see, the battery tucks out of the way very neatly.


My new Mathews Creed with the White Rhino on a late-season hunt.


This is the buck that I shot just moments before the arrow is released. Thanks to the White Rhino 3600 Heated Grip I was able to stay in the stand when I otherwise might have called it quits due to cold hands.

For more information about this late-season product, visit

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