Tink's Introduces New Deer Attractant: Salad Dressin

By Bow StaffJanuary 31, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Attract more deer to your setup by increasing the desire and taste of any vegetation with Tink’s® new Salad Dressin’ Vegetation Spray. Deer simply can’t resist the sweet-tasting honeysuckle blend vegetarian spray. Once sprayed on foliage, the mineral-enhanced spray crystallizes, which allows it to last for more than a week, even after a rain. Use Salad Dressin’ on supplemental feed and other food sources, such as corn, to lure deer to a new food source. This delicious spray not only attracts deer, but it creates feeding patterns in areas where deer don’t normally travel. Once deer get a whiff, they can’t help but to follow their noses to the source of this sweet-smelling spray. Once a deer nibbles the flavor-enhanced vegetation or feed, it will keep coming back for more.

tinks salad

Use Salad Dressin’ to draw deer into shooting lanes when hunting large food plots. Packaged in a small and convenient 32-ounce trigger bottle, Salad Dressin’ is easy to tote to your hunting local. It’s like having a food plot in a bottle. You can also use it to aid in scouting before and during the season. Simply spray Salad Dressin’ on vegetation in front of your game cameras to attract deer within photographic range.
 To use, simply spray Tink’s Salad Dressin’ in liberal amounts on any form of vegetation, even types not typically eaten by deer. Apply upwind of your stand location and let the Salad Dressin’ go to work, getting that big buck in your kill zone.

Product Highlights:
•Honeysuckle blend that deer can’t resist
•Draws deer into shootinq range
•lncreases palatability of any vegetation
•Spray crystallizes on foliage, which makes it last for over a week
•Like having a food plot in a bottle
•Draws deer into shooting lanes when hunting large food plots
 For more info on this product and others, check out www.tinks.com.

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