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Over the past few years the Archery Trade Show has changed locations, but always delivered the much anticipated first look at the newest gear for bowhunters and archers. The 2013 show took place in Louisville, Kentucky and the turnout was good with several companies unveiling their latest and greatest inventions.

I have attended a dozen or more ATA Shows and written countless articles about new products. This year was a bit different. This year, I saw the show through the eyes of an aspiring young writer. It is a pleasure to introduce my intern, Alli Armstrong, to the readers of bowhunting.com. She searched the halls of the ATA Show to find gear for women and found several products that caught her eye. Here is Alli’s report.

Deaux Gear
This is the first full line of women’s scent-free beauty products that I’ve seen! Deaux Gear’s new line includes everything from shampoo, conditioner, scent control spray, body wash, and body lotion to scent free mineral based cosmetics such as foundation, face powder, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, blush, and eye shadow.
No girl wants to hunt with a bare face only to go back to the house to put on make-up then back to the woods for a hero shot. These products will really help with that because before I was worried about the scent of my make-up keeping that big buck or elk from getting close enough. This American made product line should be a big hit with female hunters everywhere!

Tru-fire Releases
Tru-fire has come out with some really neat new releases for women and young girls! These releases are pink camo so the girls are in style while they’re out hunting or practicing. The new Hardcore Buckle Foldback in Pink has a lockable length adjustment so you can get an exact fit. It’s also available in a smaller size.

Another great new release is the Bullseye Junior in Pink. This release has a quick and easy Velcro closure system. It fits either a right or left handed person. I would definitely recommend it to someone with smaller hands and young girls. Both of these models have a super smooth release.

Axion Archery
Axion  Archery’s new pink Soul Hunter Sight, Silence 2nd Generation 4” Stabilizer and Pulse Automatic Arrow Rest really caught my eye! The Soul Hunter Sight is a compact and light- weight sight, it has easy windage and elevation adjustments, a 2” pin guard with a glo ring, and its right and left hand adaptable. It’s available with 3 or 5 pins. The Silencer 2nd Generation 4” Stabilizer reduces the effect of hand torque during the shot and includes 3 Mathews “Lite” harmonic stabilizers.
The Pulse Automatic Arrow rest’s design is really unique because it lets the arrow stay on it until just before the fletching hits. Then it drops completely out of the way and holds itself down. And, after the arrow shaft is out of the way, it automatically resets itself. It’s easy to load and totally contains the arrow so it won’t fall out during a stalking situation.

Campbell Cameras Backpack
The new Campbell Cameras Backpack is a version of Badlands 2200 Pack and is available in Realtree AP. It is a compact backpack that can hold anything you could possibly need to hunt with. The pack works great for me because it is rigged to easily carry all of my camera gear including my tripod and tree arm. It is made to carry a bow, spotting scope, tripod, rifle, or tree stand. The backpack is padded and comfortable to carry. It has a 96 oz. bladder in it, an adjustable rifle boot to securely pack your rifle, and a blaze orange foldout meat shelf to pack out your game.

Summit Mini Viper SD Treestand
The new Summit Mini Viper SD Treestand is great for women! This Sit and Stand Climber only weighs 18 pounds overall and is very easy to use. It works so much better than the heavier treestands for women because sometimes it can be hard to lift the platform up with our feet!
This treestand has a fully closed front, well-padded seat so you’re comfortable all day, a four rung platform, and is great for both bow and rifle hunting. Just strap in with a safety vest and you’ll be ready to get that big buck!

Manzella Gloves
Manzella gloves are great, especially for women! All of their gloves are available in warm, warmer, and warmest which is good because you’ll have a suitable glove for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. They have an extensive series of gloves for all your needs including the Evolution Series, the Bowhunting Series, the Sportsman Series, the Waterfowl Series, and the Upland/Shooting Series.

Something I love about Manzella’s bowhunting series is that every glove has a bow release collar. I have actually cut holes in gloves before to get my release where it needed to be while still keeping my hands warm. Manzella’s gloves already have that covered. They come in a variety of sizes so there won’t be any worries about not finding a size just for you.

ORCA Coolers
Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA) Coolers are American made. They are perfect for any outdoor event like camping, fishing, hunting, boating, or even a football game, when you need to keep something cold. They have a 75-quart capacity; add ice and your items can stay cold for up to 10 days.  Orca coolers have a lid gasket so they seal tight, extended handle grips, and a net attachment for more storage.

These coolers are very durable and they have a variety of colors including white, pink, khaki, and olive green but the pink one is what caught my eye. They are certified bear proof and have a lifetime warranty. Also a portion of every cooler sold is given back to conservation groups, Wounded Warrior programs, breast cancer research and women’s outdoor groups. 

Carbon Express Crossbow
The new Intercept Crossbow from Carbon Express is an interesting concept. It’s a crossbow with a Picatinny platform that can be used with most AR accessories and parts. The crossbow can be used right out of the box or customized in a variety of ways.

What drew me into their booth was that I saw this crossbow decked out in all pink accessories. You can adjust this crossbow to fit your style and needs. Don’t let all the neat accessories fool you. It has a speed of 360+fps and a draw weight of 185 pounds. Included with the crossbow are an Illuminated Scope, 3 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, 3 Maxima Blue Streak Bolts, Field Points, Cocking Rope, and Rail Lube.

Pine Ridge Archery Bow Accessories
Pine Ridge Archery has a huge selection of many different bow accessories. They also have a rainbow of colors including yellow, purple, pink, lime green, orange, blue, red and black. I was interested in all the bright pink accessories which included their stabilizers, wrist slings, kisser buttons, peep sights, string loops, and peep tubing. These accessories can really dress up your bow and give you more of a woman’s touch.

You can rock these colors and your personality at the archery range but don’t let all the pretty colors fool you; these are tough, durable, and accurate products that can be effectively used in the whitetail woods.

NAP Broadheads
NAP has added some exciting new broadheads  to the Killzone line. One in particular covers those bowhunters that shoot very low kinetic energy. These are perfect for low poundage setups like those that women shoot. They have a Spring Clip Blade Retention System designed just for lower poundage’s. This blade retention system also makes sure your blades don’t open in flight or when they’re in your quiver. They are also designed to match the accuracy of your field tips.
NAP also has a new eye-catching, pretty pink color option in their highly effective Quickfletch group. Quickfletch is the fastest and easiest way to re-fletch your arrows. All you need is a pot of boiling water. Then you slide them on your arrow, dip them in the water for 10 seconds and you’re done.

For more information from the Archery Trade Show visit www.archerytrade.org.

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