ATA Show Day 3

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UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015


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Well, this is the last day. I guess all good things have to come to an end. There is so much to see and do at this show that it is hard to get everything done in the short amount of time we have to be here. However, in the weeks to come you can find more in-depth reviews and a complete breakdown of the hottest gear for 2013 right here at Until then, here are a few more items to curb your appetite.

Blood Vane

The Blood Vane is a unique alternative to standard fletching. Simply slip them over your arrow shaft, apply some glue in the designated areas, and you’re ready to shoot. This product is very durable and able to withstand a lot of abuse.




One of the packs in the Easton lineup features a pull out pad that can be used as a seat. The cool part is that it can retracted back into the pack by simply pulling a cord that is attached to the pack. They also have a fanny pack with an aluminum frame for added stability and carrying strength.




The new Vital Signs Combo Target stops Field Points, Fixed Blades & Mechanical Broadheads and can be shot on all six sides for maximum life. It features life size vitals with 2 Sides Whitetail, 1 Side Bear, 1 Side Turkey, and 2 Sides Bull-eyes. It has Flex Back Self-Healing Foam for easy arrow removal.


Scent Lok

Several new products are in the lineup and many feature a rubberized grid pattern on the elbows and shoulders to protect against abrasion and prevent your crossbow or backpack from slipping of during the hike into your hunting area.



Known for turning clothing into gear, Sitka has also has several new items this year; including some specialized garments just for whitetail hunters. With a reputation for quality clothing that also functions properly, Sitka also uses a very different camo pattern that is geared toward the eyes of an animal rather than the eyes of a human.



For the guy, or gal, who likes to trick out their bow with specialized add-on’s this is the company for you. Using their system, you can connect almost any aftermarket product to your favorite setup. Lights, cameras, even a laser can all be attached to your bow. For those of you who hunt pigs or other critters at night, give these guys a look. 



In addition to some of the products already mentioned in previous posts, Brunton is going to let some lucky person drive off with this custom jeep…! Unfortunately, it won’t be me because the “Cave Man” just knocked me out….brunt1


Treelimb Quivers

Treelimb now camo’s their entire quiver instead of just the hood. Plus they have some cool colors; including Realtree AP Black (not shown).


TightSpot Quivers

Now they come with rubber in the hoods instead of foam which tends to dull broadheads over time.



New Morrell outdoor target.


Real Avid

Wicked multi-tool that is rugged, light-weight and has a ton of tools inside. r1 


These guys are known for making some of the best (if not the best) bow cases on the market.


Sport Chief

The latest offering from these guys has a waterproof jacket that is also flexible. Not your typical waterproof hunting suit.


Tenzing Hydration Bladder

What makes a hydration bladder so special? This one has an internal coating that keeps the contents from tasting like plastic and it is also treated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria….that’s what.ten 

Under Armour Browtine/Spine

The BrowTine features UA’s new Infrared Heat Absorbing Technology and the Spine is amazingly lightweight yet super tough…perfect tools for the treestand bowhunter or the stalking elk hunter.

brow1 spoine

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