Reader Success Story: The Mark Buechel Buck

At we recieve a lot of e-mails from our loyal readers who wish to share their success with us. We’ve decided it is time to share those stories. If you have a success story you would like to share be sure and let us know. You could be the next bowhunter featured in our “Reader Success” section. Best of luck and congatulations to this week’s featured hunter!



Reader:  Mark Buechel

Equipment Used:

Bow = Bowtech SWAT 60Broadheads = GrizztrickArrows = PSE Carbon ForceCamouflage =  Different BrandsTreestand  = Muddy Hunter Pro

Details of the Hunt:

November 13, 2012,6:40 a.m., Clear skies, calm wind, 30 degrees.


Q:  Tell a little about what happened when the buck was harvested. A: I was hunting a thin strip of CRP field with woods to the north and south of my stand. The field runs east to west with my stand being situated at a perfect pinch point. I had just gotten situated in my tree when to my west I saw a good buck emerge from the north woods. I watched as he worked toward my direction stopping about sixty yards out to work a licking branch that was above a scrape. I ranged an opening in the direction I thought the buck was headed, and it was exactly 28 yards. As I viewed him I calculated that he would score around 130 inches which was the minimum size buck I was willing to take this year. As I came to full draw he stepped into the opening and I bleated just as my pin settled behind his shoulder. As the arrow ripped through the sweet spot the buck “mule kicked” and ran straight to the woods north of my position. I waited several hours before trailing the buck. After only eighty yards I found my buck bedded in a huge deadfall with his head resting on a still standing tree.


Q:  What were the major factors that helped you harvest this buck?A:  I choose this location thinking that it would be a good spot to try and decoy a buck. Being a pinch point if a buck came from the woods to the north or south, and saw the decoy or heard any kind of grunting, they might come over to investigate. It did not work out like that, but I still like the location and will be putting a stand in the same tree next season.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank, for their help with this harvest? A: I have to give some credit to my brother Scott. I chose the location but he picked the tree and hung the stand. Teamwork!


  1. Jo Bob Jones says:

    Hey man lookie there you got yourselves a trained deer it sleeps on the back of your truck. I sure wish I could train one to do that!

  2. Dustin Beck says:

    Great buck Mark.


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