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At we recieve plenty of feedback from our loyal readers. Whether the subject of discussion is one of our featured articles, news posts, or equipment reviews, we use this feedback in order to make the absolute best source for all things bowhunting. Recently, we recieved a comment concerning our popular Bowhunt or Die online video series…… 

“First, I want to congratulate Mr. Graf on his latest takedown in the swamp.  That was a nice buck and there is always something to be said about sharing the experience on family property with your Dad. No doubt it added some extra meaning to the entire day”!

“I want to commend the staff on your latest video and the brief sermon you gave half way through the segment.  What makes you guys different (and better) in my opinion, is that you don’t place rules on your teammates demanding that a 170” class buck hit the ground or else.  Bowhunt or Die shows the average stuff you guys encounter along with the monsters and the misses as well.  For most of us watching your videos, we’re lucky to see a big boy once every couple of years – let alone get an arrow in one.  The footage that the Bowhunt or Die team puts out on a weekly basis is realistic, well done, and something I greatly appreciate”.

“Keep rolling the footage and don’t change a thing. Good luck as the cold, late-season weather sets in…Bowhunt or Die”!

Craig P.



Buck or doe, big or small, the Bowhunt or Die team takes pride in bringing its fans “real world” hunting experiences.

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  1. I think we need more videos like this. Very real. Really enjoy them

  2. Love the web show, Last season they shot a buck that i was following( got trail pics of a 9 pointer thaty Justin took out in lake county), just about broke my heart but was greatful to see it go down on video. I think we are close (within 5 mile radius) Keep up the good job.

  3. Hey Jesse – if you read this do me a favor and send me an email. I'd like to compare notes!

  4. Gavin Meadors says:

    I’m Gavin I just shot my first deer this season, I got a nice little 3 by 4, he is palmed out in a few area’s which I thought was pretty cool. I live in south dakota I normally hunt back in gary, south dakota were my grandpa has some land to hunt. In the last few years my dad and grandpa has been kicking out some nice deer. I really like your guys show that’s what I normally watch. i hope guys will have good luck for the rest of the season.

  5. Matt weston says:

    First and foremost, absolutely love the show!! That being said, I think you guys are a little hard on us hunters that haven’t been it the game as long. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, what you guys do for the sport along with the great info and lessons that go along with it!., just wanted to point out that we all” including you guys I’m sure” had to start somewhere, but like I said we all have to start somewhere so that being said I am a 40 year old male from Michigan and have been instilled with the hunting gene from my father. He is now 63 and will still out hunt me any day! Still learning from him even at the age of 40! I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a little disguriging to hear some of the comments about certain size deer and shot placement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a quick and ethical kill! We don’t all have the opportunity that you guys do and I hope that most of us hunters can unite and be on the same page, wether it be a doe, a 150 plus Caliber or even a 100 inch deer. I would give almost anything I have to do what you guys do everyday! That would definetly be my dream job! I applaud you guys and everything you do for the sport we so love! Hope you guys read this and take it for what it’s worth.
    For ever a fan!
    Matt weston
    Proud Michigan bowhunter.
    Bowhunt or die!!!!


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