Huntmore 360 – The Ultimate Hunting Chair?

By Justin ZarrSeptember 26, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Hunterusing Huntmore 360 chairOne thing I’ve come to learn at my ripe old age of 32 is that the saying “You get what you pay for” is much more than just a saying.  This seems to be especially true when it comes to hunting equipment.  It seems that you can either go the cheap route and then wish you had just spent the money later, or go the more expensive route and enjoy the high quality product you purchased for years to come.  Considering I’ve contributed more than my fair share of hunting gadgets to either the landfill or eBay, I now fall into the latter of those two categories.

Which brings me to the meat and potatos of this Blog – the Huntmore 360* Hunting Chair.  If you’ve ever hunted from the ground out of a camp chair better suited for backyard BBQs than hunting, then you may want to keep reading.  The Huntmore 360* is, in my opinion, the finest chair you can buy when it comes to hunting.  No, it’s not cheap but it’s also the last hunting chair you may ever need to buy.

The first item to note about the Huntmore 360 is that it was designed and engineered from the ground up to be a hunting chair.  This means every drawback and shortfall of the camp chair or cheap plastic stool was thought through and solved before this chair ever saw the light of day.  From the rotating hub and adjustable feet to the padded seat and adjustable back the Huntmore was built for one purpose – to help hunters kill more game.

As someone who hunted for years from a small plastic rotating stool that I picked up for around $25 from the local sporting goods store, the first thing I tested out with the rotating hub.  My old stool had a tendancy to both stick and from time to time issue the most gut-wrenching squeak when rotated under a heavy load.  Every bowhunter knows there’s few things worse than a loud, unnatural noise coming from your seat while you’re on stand.  Thanks to the cast aluminum hub and noise deadening design this product is silent when spun from side to side.  This allows the bowhunter to pivot in order to make the shot without worrying about getting busted on account of stool squeak.

Huntmore hub system
The cast aluminum hub of the Huntmore 360 hunting chair was designed specifically to be completely silent, even in the coldest conditions.  An absolute must for ground hunters who need to be within bow range of their quarry.

The next feature I looked at was the adjusability of the feet.  My cheap stool used a push-button design that was a pain to use with gloves on, and often made pesky clicking noises when adjusted.  The Huntmore 360 uses a clamp style adjuster with a plastic wing nut to tighten and loosen the legs.  Not only is this quiet, but it’s also extremely strong and prevents the legs from moving after you’ve tightened them down.

In addition to the adjustability of the legs, the feet on the Huntmore are oversized, which means you won’t sink into the mud when hunting on those rainy days.  The days of adjusting my stool and then having it dig into the ground after an hour are over.  That’s just another bonus in my book.

Huntmore adjustable foot
Here you can see both the wing nut adjuster for the length of each leg as well as the oversided foot the helps prevent the chair from sinking into the ground.  Once you adjust the chair to level, you shouldn’t have to adjust it again during your hunt.

Once you get your Huntmore adjusted, the next thing you’ll notice is that it’s super comfortable.  The adjustable backrest is a great feature – especially for those long days in a ground blind.  The closed cell foam seat pad and seat back certainly don’t hurt either.

Huntmore chair back
The adjustable back of the Huntmore chair is a life saver on long hunts.  You can kick back and enjoy the day while waiting for a whitetail to wander by.

One final feature I want to touch on is the packability of the Huntmore.  Once you remove the seat pad and seat back, the chair frame packs down into a nice compact package.  Using the including carrying bag, you can stuff the entire chair in the bag, sling it over your shoulder and be on your way back to camp in no time.

Huntmore parts
Here you can see how well the Huntmore packs down when not in use.  Again, another product of being designed specifically for hunting and not tailgating at college football games.

Huntmore carrying bag
Fit your chair into the included bag and you’re ready to go.

The Huntmore 360 is availble in two different sizes – a 16 inch and a 19 inch.  The 16 inch is great for long packs into the blind where weight is a key consideration.  If you’re a bigger person or looking for the ultimate in comfort, the 19 inch is the product for you.  I personally own both sizes, and find that the 16 inch is my preferred piece of gear for most hunts.

Huntmre chairs side by side
The 16″ model (left) is more compact and light weight than the roomy 19″ model (right).

The aluminum frame of the Huntmore is warrantied against manufacturing defects for the life of the product.  So if for some reason you do experience an issue with your chair, you can rest assured you’ll be well taken care of.  Scott Hoffman, owner of Huntmore, is an avid hunter himself and understands that customer service is an important part of building a successful company.

So if you’re a hunter who is sick and tired of hunting from a camp chair that doesn’t swivel, a cheap plastic stool that creaks and groans every time you move, or the comfort of a 5 gallon bucket, I would take a long hard look at the Huntmore 360.  The 16 inch model will set you back $200 and the 19 inch $220, but I can assure you you’ll forget all about the pricetag when you’re still hunting comfortably from your chair a decade from now.

To learn more or to purchase a Huntmore 360* chair you can visit

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