Day 2 ATA Show Updates

Day 2 of the 2012 ATA show is half over and so far today I’ve seen several more cool new products for this year. Once again, I’ll let the photos tell the story. After all, the products are the real stars of this show.

Under Armour has really come on strong with some new hunting products that feature their own scent elimination technology.  As seen here, they also have a line of camo undergarments just in case you ever get the inclination to hunt in your undies.


The Bone Collector gang can always be seen at various booths, posing for photos with their fans.

One of the cooler products I’ve seen, this removable insert from Clean-Shot uses a small allen-head set screw to flare out the back of the insert and hold it in place.  This actually creates a stronger connection than glue, and allows you to easily index your broadheads to match with your fletching. 

Here’s Chipper Jones signing a few autographs as well.  Lots of autographing going on here!

There’s always a crowd at the Firenock booth where people are anxious to see the new iBowsight.

Also available from Clean-Shot is this new bowfishing point with a built-in laser that allows for easier and more precise aiming.  It’s activated by a magnet and only comes on when you get to full draw.

The folks at Muddy Outdoors are branching out with a bunch of new products, including this really cool Bloodsport string suppressor.  Instead of a traditional rubber stopper, the Bloodsport uses a series of brushes to cradle and silence your bow string on the shot.  I tested it out in the shooting lanes and the difference is pretty impressive.

S4 gear, known for innovative products like the Lockdown optics system, introduced the “Wingman”.  This cool arm mounts in your tree and allows you to have a movable shelf where you can store you goodies like grunt calls, cell phones and even a drink.  Although it may not be practical for the run-and-gun type hunter, it may be a hit with the guy who likes to have the ultimate in comfort.  It even has a built-in arm rest!

Well, break time is over!  Time to get back to work.  More updates coming soon!

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