Product Testing the Oliso’s Pro VS97A vacuum sealer

To my delight Oliso®’s Pro VS97A vacuum sealer has solved the two major issues I have with home vacuum sealing.   In the past I’ve had more than my fair share of vacuum sealed bags that have lost their seal.  Traditional home vacuum sealing machines seal the entire width of the bag and if you’re using the roll instead of bags, multiply the sealing surface area times two.  Handle the sealed bags after they’re frozen and you’re taking a chance at compromising the seal.  That happened to me so many times that I had to figure out my own solution to the problem.  My answer was to triple seal the open ends.  Oliso’s creative solution was to reduce the vacuum sealing area to the size of a nickel coin and use tougher bags with a zip lock seal making them much more reusable.  I like their solutions better.  It’s more efficient and saves time and money.

Look closely above and you’ll see my triple seal on both ends and notice the paper towel inside

The other major issue I had sealing bags was created when moisture from food was sucked out and pulled across the sealing surface which would prevent a good seal.  My solution for this problem was to put a paper towel in the bag in front of the sealing surface to absorb the moisture before it reaches the sealing surface.  Oliso®’s unique sealing system appears to have solved this problem too.

I was annoyed at having to do both of these work arounds, but the benefits of vacuum sealing food made it worth the trouble.  Vacuum sealed foods last up to five times longer in your freezer. 

The Oliso VS97A comes in a durable case and includes a 12 volt plug for sealing on the go

At first glance Oliso®’s frisper® vacuum bag look like a very similar to a regular zip lock freezer bag but a closer look will reveal a very strong heavy mill bag with printed guides to direct where to seal the bags.  The quart bags have ten seal guide spots and the gallon bag has twelve guide spots.  This makes the frisper® vacuum bags much more reusable than traditional vacuum bags.  Each time you reuse a traditional vacuum seal bag you lose a lot of room because you have to cut off the old seal and then allow enough space to place the open end of the bag into the vacuum area and allow room for the new seal.  The most I’ve ever been able to reuse a traditional vacuum bag was three times and by the end, I only had half the bag I started with.

The Oliso®’s Pro VS97A vacuum sealer comes in a durable carrying case and offers a dual power option of 110 or 12 volt with the use of the included 12 volt adaptor plug.  With those two features, it makes this vacuum sealer a very useful tool on hunting, camping or fishing trips.  It also includes a vacuum tube which makes it possible to use vacuum canisters or mason jars for sealing other types of items

 You can buy vacumm canister, and even use mason jars for vacuum storage with the use of the vacuum tube

I decided to jump right in to testing the VS97A by seeing how well it would seal a couple of steaks and an ample amount of marinade.  Since moisture has been my Achilles heel in the past when vacuum sealing I thought this would really good test.  Much to my delight I got a great seal on my very first attempt.  My next test was to try to break the seal by bending the seal back and forth and handling the bag roughly.  Again I was delighted by the bag holding up to my rough handling.  The next test was to freeze the bag and then rough handle it.  Once again the bag seal held up and maintained its seal.

Preparing to give the Oliso® the ultimate test, sealing a bag full of marinade

The Oliso® frisper® bag held up to rough handling after it was frozen and held its seal

If you’re in the market for a vacuum sealer, I can recommend the Oliso Oliso®’s Pro VS97A vacuum sealer.  I’ve added it to my Christmas list.

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