New Bowhunting Products From the Mathews Retailer Show

By Dustin DeCrooDecember 16, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

We visited the 2011 Mathews Retailers show to check out some of the new products that will be available in 2012. While we don’t have time to review every new product, here are a few that caught our eye! More prooduct reviews will be released next month following the ATA show in early January.

Easton Injexion Arrows:
Easton introduces the Injexion and A/C Injexion arrows for 2012. The Injexion is an entire arrow/insert/broadhead system developed from the ground up by Easton and New Archery Products. The Injexion arrow is an ultra-micro diameter arrow that is second to none in crosswind performance, downrange kinetic energy and arrow penetration on big game animals. Deep Six inserts have been designed specifically for this arrow as it is smaller in diameter than it’s older brother, the Easton Axis. The Deep Six inserts have a different thread pattern than the 8-32 conventional thread, and NAP is exclusively producing the broadheads to fit these inserts. An RPS insert with conventional threads will be available as well. If you are looking for a high performance, super tough, small diameter arrow take a look at the carbon Easton Injexion and the A/C Injexion arrows.

Easton Injexion arrows tipped with NAP Deep Six broadheads will most likely fill my quiver this Fall.

Brunton Hunting Epoch Binoculars:
Brunton Hunting of Riverton, Wyoming continues the Epoch line of binoculars for hunters. The Epoch’s were the winner of the 2011 Best Buy award for binoculars by Inside Archery Magazine. Two models are available, the full size and the compact. The full size binoculars are available in 8.5 and 10.5 power with 43mm objectives and the compact binoculars are offered in 8 and 10 power with 21mm and 25mm objectives. The Epoch binoculars have a lightweight magnesium frame, are nitrogen filled fogproof lenses and are waterproof. Both black and camouflage models are available. SF prism glass allows for some of the best light transmission on the market for glassing in low light conditions. Brunton’s Epoch binoculars are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Brunton Epoch binoculars are worth a look-through

Armortech Vision Sight by Axcel Sights and Scopes:
Bringing new technology to a mark that asks, “what more can be done?” The new Axcel Armortech Vision offers a new 2” housing for optimal view of your target. It brings new meaning to “seeing is believing!” The Armortech Vision also contains the innovative T.C.V (True Center Vision), a perfect circular picture, even when viewed slightly off center. Continuing the tough as a tank attitude found in the original Armortech, the same engineering is back with a vengeance in the Vision. The 3-time “inside archery” best buy award winner still features A.F.T. (Armor Fiber Technology) 100% fiber protection, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, interchangeable right and left hand capabilities, individual micro adjustment on each pin, engraved partial ring at the depth of the sight pins, for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off center. The Armortech Vision is available in popular models that include the Mathews Harmonic Damper, as well as the ever popular Pro Series with the micro adjustable dovetail bracket. The Vision is available with 4, 5 or 7 pins in .010”, .019” or .029” fiber size. The Armortech line of sights leave nothing to be desired when it comes to a top of the line hunting sight and it appears this trend will likely not change soon.

The Armortech Vision sight is built to withstand severe abuse

Mission Riot Bow by Mathews:
Mission archery introduces the Riot in their 2012 line of bows. The riot is 31” axel-to-axel and sports a 7” brace height which makes it a very forgiving bow. Unlike many bows, the Riot will fit 90% of archers right off the shelf as the draw weight adjusts from 15-70lbs on a single set of limbs and the draw length is adjustable from 19-30” on a single set of cams. The bow incorporates a Dead End string stop installed at the factory for improved feel and vibration dampening. The Riot is perfect for young archers that will grow as the bow with “grow” with them. At a retail price of $399 it will be difficult find a bow that provides more value for your dollar than the 2012 Mission Riot.

The New 2012 Mission Riot

Hardcore Max Release by Trufire:
The Hardcore MAX adds two new features to the already popular Hardcore line of releases. A screw located in a housing behind the trigger will adjust trigger pressure (separate from travel) anywhere between 3 ounces to 16 ounces. Also new is the comfort enhanced Evolution II buckle which will have 2.5 times thicker padding as well as a slightly wider strap profile. The Hardcore line of releases incorporate an open jaw, hook style release which makes for super easy D-loop engagement. The head of this release also pivots horizontally up to 20 degrees to ensure that there is zero torque on your bow from the release. These releases are available in Black or Lost Camo and the Hardcore Max is available in Black. Both of these releases are American Made.

Hardcore Max Release by Trufire

Dustin DeCroo
Hunting Guide at Big Horn Outfitters
Dustin is a professional hunting guide and owner of Big Horn Outfitters in Buffalo, Wyoming where he lives with his wife and 2 children.
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