Kansas Turkey

By Hunting NetworkApril 30, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Kansas Bowhunt

I had been calling and filming my buddies’ turkey hunts for fun the first day and a half of our Kansas turkey hunting trip and bow hunting sporadically in-between their adventures.

Camera Man and Buddy Rob with one of his Gobblers

Monday morning came which meant it was my turn to try to put one of those Kansas longbeards on the ground.  My camera man and good friend, Rob, and I headed to our blind, which was setup within 70 yards of the roost. We got in the blind extra early due to us being so close to the roost. At sun up, we were greeted with lots of gobbles and just as many hens. Soon birds started pitching from the trees and flying away from us. After the last of the birds hit the ground on the other side of the pond, Rob and I looked at each other and I can’t remember if we cussed or laughed.  I yelped and purred softly and was answered with lots of gobbles. After a couple minutes, to our surprise and for reasons still unknown, they all flew across the pond and right back to us.  Three strutters pitched within 50 yards and started heading the wrong way with their three hens. I softly called and watched them turn and head straight at my decoys. 

My Decoy set up

 Rob, looking intently into the camera and past me to my blind spot says, “Get ready -here they come.” As they crossed in front of the blind at 18 yards, I drew my bow and anchored. I squeezed the trigger of my release and sent my Spitfire Maxx on its way. “Bird down” is all I could say at first when the camera turned. After 28 years of turkey hunting, I still get as excited as a little kid around these birds.  Whether I am hunting or calling, it doesn’t matter. After our short congrats in the blind, we went to check out this beautiful bird. It was my biggest bird by weight in Kansas at 24.6 lbs, sporting a 10.75 inch beard and 1.25 inch spurs.  It was a great time and a very successful 2.5 days in Kansas. I’m now back in Wisconsin waiting to see how my season here pans out.



  My Kansas Gobbler

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