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By Hunting NetworkFebruary 15, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

After all the hype and great things heard about the new Apache Micro adjustable rest and its partner in crime, the new Apache stabilizer, I had to go out and get them both just to see if they were as good as the claims say they are.  I received my Apache Micro adjustable rest in camo to match the bow I was setting it up on.  The rest, like other top-of-the-line drop-away rests, mounted quickly and easily. This rest comes with a foam block to hold your rest up in place so you can find your arrow height for leveling off your nock point.. Once the nocking point was found, I adjusted my center shot, which was also easily done since the rest comes standard with tool-less adjustment pegs.  With all the adjustments made in less than 5 minutes, it was time to shoot it through paper and see how things were lining up. After only 6 shots and some micro adjusting, this thing was shooting perfect bullet holes. This Apache Micro has many great features:  an over sized whale tail to pick up your arrow no matter how you are holding your bow when you draw it; full containment so the arrow won’t fall off onto the riser when setting your bow on your lap, and; foam sound-dampening material on the entire inside of the housing. I also checked out the stabilizer at both the 5- and 8-inch lengths, which is adjustable by using a 3 inch extension arm.  There was little difference in reducing shock between the 2 sizes, but I thought the 8-inch length gave a more balanced feel to the bow.  I think both the rest and stabilizer are as good as I had heard they were, and even a little easier to set up. The price point is also incredible when pricing them against similar items. I think New Archery Products has a couple of winners here. Check ‘em out at your local archery shop – you won’t be disappointed.

 Easy micro adjustability with tool less locking

 Getting the height level

 Checking centershot before tightening everything down

Putting the new stabilizer together making it the full 8 inches


Everything is together and ready to shoot!

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