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I’ll admit, I’ve never been much into the technical side of archery.  I’ve always had a good friend of mine help me out with setting my bows up, tuning them and even having him fletch my arrows.  Last year New Archery Products released their QuickFletch vane system, a gift from heaven for guys like me.  The QuickFletches feature NAP’s QuickSpin vanes on a shrink tube wrap for easy fletching of any arrow. 

When I received my special edition QuickFletches in the mail, I took one look and knew my first fletching job was going to be a piece of cake.  The ones I received didn’t come with directions, but I knew I only had to slip the wrap on the arrow and dip it in boiling water for 10 seconds.  As I got the water boiling, I slid a QuickFletch on the first arrow and noticed they had a small bit of adhesive on the inside to keep it from sliding around on the arrow.  I soon had a half dozen arrows ready to be dipped, I just had to wait for the water to boil, which is the longest part of the process. 

Once the water was boiling, a quick 10 second dip for each arrow and they were done.  After cooling, I gave them a close look, pulled on them a bit and was extremely satisfied with how snug they were.  Even after taking them out and shooting them a ton, I was amazed at how durable they are.  If one is damaged, there is no messing around removing glue or a sticky wrap.  Simply peel it off and you’re ready to replace it. 


Nothing like turning white wraps and vanes a nice shade of red!  Beautiful!



Thank you NAP, now even I can fletch an arrow!




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