A Stranger in Familiar Land

As the newest member of the Bowhunting.com family, it is with a great deal of excitement, anticipation, and humility that I say to everyone….hello! Without question, as each blog unfolds, I am looking forward to expressing my thoughts on bowhunting tactics, philosophies, gear, and maybe even a little bit on life.

However, as the new kid on the block, I feel it is necessary to tell you a little bit about myself. After all, if you’re going to take the time to read my thoughts, I think it only fair that you know from whom you are getting your information. While my name may or may not sound familiar, if you are a regular reader of Bow and Arrow Hunting Magazine, then you have likely read my work prior to this. Either way, my forte, so to speak, would be Eastern Whitetail bowhunting. If you routinely hunt rough, rugged terrain, such as I do in West Virginia, then we have a lot in common. Likewise, if you just love to bowhunt, and can’t seem to get enough of it, well, we’re not so different either.

Like most of you, I have a regular job. I am also blessed to have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children who fill my life whenever I am not engaged in bowhunting or its many sub-headings. With nearly 25 years experience under my belt, I have managed to make a ton of mistakes, learn a lot of lessons, and make a lifetime of memories along the way. Lord willing, I have many years ahead of me to do more of the same.

I guess at some point I am supposed to tell you about all of my accomplishments. Spit out numbers that impress and add validity to my words. To be honest, that just isn’t my style. However, I understand how things work. If you don’t think I am a credible source, why bother reading what I have to say. Well, in order to quench the thirst of curiosity, I will provide some photos to illustrate some of my most memorable accomplishments. I hope you enjoy them.

Am I an expert; self proclaimed or otherwise? Certainly not. In a lot of ways I am in all probability just like you—–a passionate, committed bowhunter who cherishes every opportunity that God bestows upon him.

Again, I am excited to be on board with Bowhunting.com, and I look forward to the road that lies ahead.



  1. MN/Kyle says:

    Awesome post, Mr. Flores. Look forward to following your blog, well done.

  2. richard music says:

    Glad to have you onboard, I look forward to reading your blog entries. Looks like you've harvested some great animals. Love seeing the kids involved in this sport we love and cherish so much.

  3. Jim McClanahan says:

    Glad to see someone from WV. I too am from WV, Charleston and hunt the Western side of the state. I can appreciate how hard it is to harvest mature whitetails in WV and will be watching for your columns. Info from someone who hunts the "Hills and Hollers" will be useful and appreciated.

  4. John Mueller says:

    Welcome aboard Steve. I am looking forwad to your blogs as well. I hunt a lot of hills and hollows myself in Illinois. I know it may be hard to believe, but yes we do have some hills in Illinois.

  5. Will Nelson says:

    "I guess at some point I am supposed to tell you about all of my accomplishments. Spit out numbers that impress and add validity to my words. To be honest, that just isn’t my style."

    Good! Welcome aboard! We're a savvy group. We enjoy the lore as much as the lies-just be yourself. Allow us to to call "BS" when we need to;feel free to do the same when you need to! By all means, share your thoughts and your hunts!

    I look forward to reading more.

  6. Justin Zarr says:

    Steve – glad to have you on board! I'm looking forward to your contributions in the future.

  7. Dustin DeCroo says:

    Welcome Steve, I look forward to all of the exciting events of bowhunting.com!!!!

  8. Cody Altizer says:

    Welcome to the team, Steve! I hunt the mountains of Western Virginia and am looking forward to your insight on how to hunt mature mountain bucks.

  9. Neal McCullough says:

    Welcome – Can't wait for the upcoming season!

  10. Steve Flores says:

    Thanks for making me feel at home guys!
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone and share your thoughts as well as mine.


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