Illinois Doe With Antlers?

Last time down in Illinois Johnny checked one of the trail cameras on the outside of our property.  When we looked at the pictures, we were surprised to find this “buck” in full velvet on November 13th.  After a closer look, it appears it could be a doe with antlers.  The small neck and the doe behind it lead us to believe it is not a buck.

I’d love to hear your opinions!




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  2. Trevor Hogan says:

    I read an article about this. Since it is scientifically a possibility, I'll call it a doe based on your observations.

  3. that would be amazing if it is a doe i have seen one like that just with smaller antlers and it was called a stag but if its a doe please post a new blog

  4. Michael Baker says:

    ive heard of people saying they have shot a buck but it turnd out it was aa doe, how does that happen?

  5. the body is just so skinny for that time of year, and velvet…somethings off

  6. Doe's tend to have non typical points t oo when they grow antlers. the snout is too elongated for a buck, as well as other facial features that point towards a doe. Go shoot it and find out.

  7. thats what the deer look like arond here, we dont have big bodied deer like Illinois and the surrounding states


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