Back From Bowhunting Ontario, On to Illinois

By Hunting NetworkNovember 3, 20103 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I headed up to my camp in NW Ontario back on October 19th to do a little work and of course, some bowhunting.  The whole way up I had dreams of connecting with a big woods buck we had named Salad Fingers. 




Unfortunately, when I checked my DLC Covert II trail camera, he had vanished.  I spent the next week trying to locate him, with little luck.  Much to my surprise, a couple days before I left, my brother got pictures of him at another stand 1.5 miles south of where I had been seeing him.  Knowing where he was and being that it was near the end of my hunt, we decided to let me dad hunt him the rest of the time he was there.  Unfortunately, as of tonight, he has not been able to connect with him. 

With Salad Fingers now in the back of my mind, sort of, and the truck packed up, its time to head south at 4am for the land that I have fallen in love with……Illinois.  Fellow staffer and great friend John Herrmann and I will be making the 6 hour trek in just a few short hours.  The trip down will be filled with high expectations for what we will find on the 9 trail cameras we have spread throughout the property.  Hopefully our stud bucks Bill Brasky and Hanz will show themselves in front of the cameras a few more times than they did a month ago and hopefully we have a few new giants we can name. 

 Bill Brasky





Well, off to bed……if I can sleep!!! 

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