Irish Setter Revolutionizes Rubber Hunting Boots

Frustrated with your bulky, cumbersome rubber boots, but don’t want to wear a standard hiking boot because of scent control?  Step Up To ExoFlex rubber boots from Irish Setter.  Irish Setter just revolutionized rubber boots.  How?  They made ’em fit.  Their patent-pending ExoFlex technology expands to accommodate the back of your foot.  And then once you’re in, it contracts for a lock-tight, high performance fit.  That makes Irish Setter the best fitting, easiest on/off rubber boots you can buy- and they’re available in two camo patterns, with multiple insulation levels.  Not to mention they’re waterproof, scentproof, and built to hunt hard from first light to last.  Exactly what you’d expect from Setter, because at Irish Setter, the hunt never ends.

Irish Setter is focused on innovation, and their new patent-pending ExoFlex technology has changed the game in rubber boots.  Never before did a rubber boot offer both easy on/off with a snug, performance fit…until now.


  1. John Wester says:

    I have a pair and love them. And the best thing of all, walking in them for a long time and your socks don't bunch up at the toe.


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