NEW Alpine Blush Bow is All About the Ladies.

Check out the NEWEST bow by the good people at Alpine Archery. This ain’t your father’s stick and string!

Lewiston, Idaho – Alpine archery has always appreciated our lady archers and for 2011 they have wrapped all that appreciation up in one solid, smooth shooting, fantastic looking bow.

Say hello to the new Alpine BLUSH.

Bob Proctor, President of Alpine put it this way: “One thing about Alpine, we listen. We had been getting more and more requests from the females in our sport to make a bow just for them.

They wanted a bow that would not only look awesome on the shooting line but have the performance and accuracy needed to win. So we went to work.

We combined all the features Alpine is known for; stand out looks, light weight, shootability and the high-performance every archer wants.

We made it Alpine smooth and forgiving because today’s woman wants it that way. And, because women want a distinctive female look we offered the BLUSH in a striking pink camo with beautiful Rosewood grip. Then we added a nice little touch to the riser, an antique finished emblem that tells the world – ‘Because you are as good as he is’.”

Alpine believes every woman should look good on the archery line, especially when accepting the trophy!

The BLUSH may look terrific and shoot smooth as silk but it is all business with a very un-lady like IBO speed of 290 fps at 27” draw length and its all available for a bank account pleasing low, out the door price of about $399.

Now you can afford to travel to the shoots you plan on winning.

BLUSH – Just for the ladies.

For more information please look up Alpine Archery on the web!




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