Introducing the Li’l Deuce Ring Zone. A NEW Turkey Call for 2010 by Hunter’s Specialties.

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Hunter’s Specialties continues to be on the cutting edge of turkey calling. Read below on some more good news for you, in 2010. Gobblers beware!

In 2009 Hunter’s Specialties introduced their innovative new Ring Zone® technology to the world of turkey hunting. The Ring Zone calls were the result of extensive scientific testing about how turkeys hear and how the sound of a hen could be realistically reproduced in a call. The result was the Ring Zone call, a pan call with a ring around it that creates a resonance that faithfully reproduces the sound of a live hen turkey. Sounds produced by the call were the closest to a live hen ever reproduced as measured by an oscilloscope.
Now for 2010, Hunter’s Specialties has used the new technology to produce the Li’l Deuce™ Ring Zone. The Li’l Deuce resonates at the same, specific frequencies of a turkey’s optimal hearing range. It has been one of Hunter’s Specialties most popular calls over the years and is a favorite of 5-time World Friction Calling Champion and Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff member Matt Morrett.

The Li’l Deuce Ring Zone is small and compact enough to fit into a shirt pocket yet has plenty of volume to call birds in from a distance. It has a slightly higher pitch which turkeys can’t resist.
The Li’l Deuce Ring Zone is available in both glass and slate versions and comes with a carbon striker.



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