T.R.U. Ball Bone Collector Beast

For 2010, T.R.U. Ball has taken the Short-N-Sweet, the favorite release of Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector team, and added a solid rod connection and an all-new 3 or 11-ounce trigger to create the Bone Collector Beast. The Beast features a quick-load, stainless-steel open-hook design that makes hooking the release to the string loop so quick and easy that the hunter never needs to look away from the target. The high-speed Beast sports a forward trigger to gain draw length for short-draw archers. A relaxed, comfort-plus, swept-back trigger is also available. The Beast includes a drop-away globo-swivel connection with easy draw-length adjustments and can be purchased with either a black leather buckle strap or a camo Velcro strap.


  1. Well I love my Short n Sweet, guess I'm gonna have to upgrade to this one now.


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