Energizer Night Strike Compact Light, The Perfect Bow Hunting Light

The Energizer Night Strike Compact Light just may be the perfect bow hunting light. It’s compact, light weight, has multiple lights built in and has a hands free detachable clip. This light is so versatile; I know I can find many uses for it around home or hunting camp. I may need one for both.




            The Night Strike is very small and compact. It fits in the palm of your hand or is barely noticeable on the bill of your cap.



 It runs off of one AA battery, with the Energizer Lithium the recommended power source. Even though it is small in size it produces a very powerful beam of light. It has 4 different light options built into its small frame. The first is a very bright 40 lumen white LED in the center front which has 3 power options, high, medium and low. You can toggle between the three by pushing the on/off button on the right side of the unit. This light is great for using around camp or map reading.




The second is a red LED on the front left which also has 3 power options. This light is excellent for finding the way to your stand in the morning darkness, since red light is not supposed to spook game. The switch for the red light is on the left side of the light.




 Third is a blue, blood tracking light on the right front operated by a switch on top of the light. Blue light is supposed to make the blood trail stand out from the background.




 Last is a green strobe light on top of the Night Strike. The strobe is operated by pushing the same switch that turns on the blue light in the opposite direction. The strobe light is designed to alert searchers to your location in the event of an emergency.


            The versatile swivel clip makes hands free operation of the light simple and quick. The light slides onto the clip from either direction and by swiveling you can clip it onto your cap, pocket, collar or sleeve and light your way, or use it without the clip as you would any other flashlight.


            The white and red lights have 3 power settings but once the light is set in one position for 3 seconds one push of the switch shuts it off without having to toggle the switch more than once. When switching from one color to another just push the next colors switch and the first light is powered off, using only one color light at a time and conserving power. Runtime varies by the light used, but the light will last 8 hours on high power of the white LED. Other lights use less power and will run for longer times.


            Some of my favorite features of the light are.

  1. The 3 power settings of the red LED. Some mornings are brighter than others and you just don’t need a lot of light, however on those really dark mornings it’s nice to have full power.
  2. The powerful white LED is great around camp or when the power goes out.
  3. The detachable swivel clip allows you shine the light exactly where you need it hands free.
  4. Very light weight and small size.
  5. Battery cap is attached to the light by a cord.
  6. Operates on 1 AA battery.


All in all I am very impressed with the Energizer Night Strike Compact Light. I can’t think of one negative thing to say about it. I actually plan on leaving one in my hunting pack and having one at home for use there. It’s that good. It might also be a good idea to have one in each vehicle. These lights should be available soon here at BH.com. But in the meantime you can check them out as well as the rest of Energizers Lights here.



  1. John it also is claimed that deer can't see the green light. That does seem by the pics that it is a bit bulky. I will have to check it out. I own different product but the prob is they come in 3 pack and each light is different instead all 3 in one. Advantage it is a bit more compact but I will check this out, thx


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