BIG Kansas Buck Falls to the Bow.

It's not often we get the news of a female bowhunter and a 200+ inch whitetail buck. In fact, a few of us here at Bowhunting.Com are wondering what the all-time biggest whitetail buck may have scored from a female bowhunter. We don't know that answer yet, but you bet we're digging through the archives as you read the story below. What a monster buck!

For 2 years both Lacy Shomaker and her husband Mark have been hunting this bruiser buck on their 200 acre lease just outside of Manhattan, Kansas. Over those 2 years they have accumulated many trailcam pictures and sheds of this seemingly disappearing buck.


In December of 2008, Mark was able to squeeze of a round from his rifle at the giant at no greater than 100 yards. It was determined later, he was off the mark, missing the buck completely.


Fast forwarding to November 3, 2009; Lacy gets her first chance. A doe brought the buck directly under her stand! As she maneuvered to get the shot and drew back, a neighbor started up a nearby tractor, sending the buck bounding away.

A few days later on November 9th, while hunting a different stand on the same property, a doe once again brings the big boy to her. This time she would not miss. At 15 yards she comes to full draw with her Parker bow, and lets an arrow fly! A perfect broadside shot yields a complete pass-thru and pummels both lungs. The buck would fall 70 yards later.


The husband and wife duo were ecstatic at what had just happened, and the 2 year quest to take this Kansas typical was over! The Kansas stud is said to gross 216", weighing in at over 200 pounds! And while following the giant bucks blood trail they actually found another one of the bucks sheds from the previous year!

The staff here at Bowhunting.Com would like to congratulate the husband/wife duo and their efforts to take such an impressive animal. Lacy, a HUGE congrats to you! We know just how tough it can be to make that shot when it's in front of us, and you made it count! Congrats!


We should also make mention that shortly after wife, Lacy, took the monster 216" buck, her husband Mark downed this wickedly strange non-typical on the same farm. Congrats to Mark on this awesome buck! You did us men-folk proud, but if your wife is like any of ours, we would be in for a long winter with her. Congrats again Mark!

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